When I told her... [C.H]

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  • Published: 24 Jul 2016
  • Updated: 29 Aug 2016
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And now I stand here, looking into her beautiful green eyes... Her long brown and green hair is bit messed up, but in a way I like. She looks at the sunset. I turn her face towards me with my two fingers. She finally looks at me... I can't anymore... These feelings won't go away I need to tell her... Because I am sure... ''I love you...''


11. VII

Calum's POV


I open my eyes and all I can think about is last night. SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND.... I can't do anything else but smile to myself. I put some jeans and white shirt on and check my phone. It's 11:38. I should go to the band practice. Me and the boys have started a band, but it isn't famous or anything. It's just for fun and guys at school have said that we have real talent. Maybe this band could be famous some day?

When I arrive at Luke's place I knock and go in. They know it was me. ''Hey Cal! How was the date?'' Ash asks with a weird smirk on his face ''Yeah, did u get some, u know what...'' Michael winks at me. ''What no Micheal... but it was nice date...'' Then I hear from behind me ''Omg! I can't believe that you two are couple now!'' I recognize Emily's voice. I turn around and I see Emily and Kylie. Kylie face was bright red. I smile to her ''Um... Em asked me to come here with her, so she could talk to someone while you guys practice...'' After a while we start practicing. We start with a song called Amnesia. I start singing

I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted

I thought about our last kiss, how it felt, the way you tasted

And even thought your friends tell me you're doing fine...

''I think you sounded amazing'' I hear Kylie say. I turn around and smile, then I took her hand in to my's. And we walked to the living room where everyone was arguing about what movie to watch. ''Let's watch horror!'' Mikey said. ''No, let's watch action!'' Emily argues. We ended watching horror. It was already 8 pm. Kylie sat next to me. I think she liked the movie, but one scary part she turned her face away and hold my hand so hard that it hurt little bit. ''Hey beautiful you can look again'' I whispered to her ear.. She turns her head again to look to the tv ''God! I hate you Calum!'' I start to laugh quietly ''Let me try to make it up to you'' I say and press my lips against hers. It was soft kiss and it ended when Michael screams ''Get a room you two!'' 

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