When I told her... [C.H]

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  • Published: 24 Jul 2016
  • Updated: 29 Aug 2016
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And now I stand here, looking into her beautiful green eyes... Her long brown and green hair is bit messed up, but in a way I like. She looks at the sunset. I turn her face towards me with my two fingers. She finally looks at me... I can't anymore... These feelings won't go away I need to tell her... Because I am sure... ''I love you...''


8. V

Calum's POV

We are driving back to home. The night was fun. After truth and dare we watched three movies. It was 1 am. We, me and Ky, didn't talk much after the kiss. I turned to our street and park the car and I walked Kylie to her house.''Hey Ky, I wanted to ask you something...'' I said ''Yeah, what?'' She sayed with a smile ''Do you... I mean if you want to...'' ''Do you want to go out with me?'' She ask me before I can end the sentence. ''Umm... what?'' I was surprised ''Yeah I love to go out with you'' ''Cool, because you are planning the date and taking me out, so pick me up tomorrow at 5 pm.'' She told me and kissed my cheek. ''Wow'' I said to myself. I can't belive this...


Kylie's POV


I wake up, it's saturday. I take a look to my phone and I see it's 11 am and I have a text from Em. 


E: Hey bae! So tell me what are u doing today?

K: I am going on date with Cal

E: Rly? Omg, do u need help?

K: U could help me with my makeup and things

E: I will be there in 10


Thank god I have friend like Em. I go to downstairs ''Hey mom, wheres dad?'' ''He's still at work'' Mom said sadly. I heard knock on the door. ''It's Emily, she help's me get ready for a date'' I told her ''Who's the lucky boy?'' Mom say and winks at me ''The boy is Calum'' ''Calum from the next door?'' Mom asks me ''Yeah'' I say as I go open the door. ''Hey girl! Let's get you ready for youre date! We go to my room and she goes to my closet to choose a dress for the date. ''You go to shower and while you do that I will choose youre outfit.'' She smiled and I obeyed. I come out from shower and she says ''Okey so put this black sleeveless dress and golden high heels and when you have changes to those, I will make your makeup.'' When she was done with me I looked absolutely beautiful and sexy! Then I look to my phone and it's already 5 pm and I hear the doorbell me and Em run to open the door and I see Calum wearing dark blue skinny jeans and black shirt. He looked hot! ''Hey Ky, you look hot... I mean you look good!'' He turned red ''Thanks. you look hot too'' I wink at him.

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