When I told her... [C.H]

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  • Published: 24 Jul 2016
  • Updated: 29 Aug 2016
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And now I stand here, looking into her beautiful green eyes... Her long brown and green hair is bit messed up, but in a way I like. She looks at the sunset. I turn her face towards me with my two fingers. She finally looks at me... I can't anymore... These feelings won't go away I need to tell her... Because I am sure... ''I love you...''


6. IV

Kylie's POV


It's been two weeks since the Amber thing and summer vacation has started. Me and Calum have come pretty close. We are going to watch movies tonight at Michaels place. There will be the boys and me and Em. So I was looking for something to wear. I decide to wear loose gray shirt and some leggings. I hear the doorbell ''Wait a sec!'' I yell from upstairs. I go to open the door. ''Hey, ready to go?'' Calum asks with a smirk on his face. ''Yeah'' I smile and we got going. 



Skip the car ride :)



When we got to Mikeys place everyone was there already. ''Heyy girl'' Em greets me ''So are you guys hungry, because I am'' Mikey asks us ''Let's order pizza!'' I scream. Everyone agreed with my idea and we ordered pizza. After we ate Ash comes to livingroom ''I am bored!'' Let's play truth or dare'' ''Really?'' I look at Ash and sigh and scream ''Okey'' everyone laughs. ''Okey then, Calum truth or dare?'' 


Calum's POV


I never take truth, because it's always bad choice... ''Dare'' ''Well I dare you to kiss Kylie'' Ash says with evil grin. ''What?'' I ask confused ''Are you scared?'' Luke asks me ''What no!'' I don't know what to do. What if she doesn't want me to kiss her or if I do it somehow wrong. I haven't kiss that much girls. I look at her and she nods as agreement. I lean slowly in and she grabs me into a kiss it was passionate but soft after a while she pull away from the kiss. I look in to her beautiful green eyes. ''So this just happened'' Luke says awkwardly and Emily hits his hand hard. Kylie just smiles. Wow the kiss was amazing. Hope that she thinks the same thing. Maybe I should ask her out after we leave? Yeah... maybe... 


Emily's POV


''What hell Luke?'' I ask Luke. We are in the kitchen, the others are in the livingroom. ''What I did?'' Luke ask confused as what. ''Why did you interrupt when they had a moment?!'' ''They had a moment?'' Luke looks at me with confused look. Really he didn't realized that? Oh my god... ''You haven't realized that they have feelings for each other too, huh?'' I look at him little mad. ''What of course I know! Calums been crushing on Kylie since like... forever..'' He looks at me proudly. I just shake my head and walk out of kitchen and Luke follows me.


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