The Butler x Master Scandal

When Elizabeth hears some...(clears throat uncomfortably)rumours...involving Ciel and Sebastian,she goes to discuss the matter with her cousin.Stuff ensures.


3. The Discussion Proceeds

Elizabeth coughed yet again and gathered her courage.

"This puts me in an awkward position,but... there has been talk going around that you and Sebastian have been committing-"(for a split second Ciel thought she had heard about the murder Sebastian and Ciel committed on a weekly basis)"-adultery."

Ciel literally sprayed his tea on the coffee table through his mouth,and looked utterly wordless. Sebastian,on the other hand,looked quite unfazed.

"WHAT?!"Ciel coughed.

"Young master,please calm yourself.You look very unbecoming."Sebastian said with a smile.

"Fuck off,Sebastian..."said Ciel,wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Oh,young master,such harsh language...and in front of a lady." tutted Sebastian,looking as if he had been hurt by such words. Ciel turned back to Elizabeth,who looked quite surprised Ciel's use of language.He coughed again.

"Please pardon me,Elizabeth.Anyway,you were talking about the rumours...?"he said,trying to pull her attention away from his cussing.

"Oh,yes,well..."she swung her chin up suddenly."Ciel,are you homosexual?!"

"Why would you have that idea?!Don't tell me you think that gossip is true!"he spluttered.

She frowned."Well...I over heard from father when I was sneaking about past my bedtime something about men always 'being drawn to you' and I have to admit that not only do I agree somewhat,but your relationship with Sebastian does seem overly close!"

"My relationship with Sebastian is normal,and the only reason men are drawn to me is because they find me not only 'cute',but are intrigued by my position as the Queen's-"Ciel had been so flustered that he had let his mouth run a little to long.

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