The Butler x Master Scandal

When Elizabeth hears some...(clears throat uncomfortably)rumours...involving Ciel and Sebastian,she goes to discuss the matter with her cousin.Stuff ensures.


4. An Explanation Is Needed

Elizabeth looked curious and highly confused.

"The Queen's...?"she prompted.'Shit',thought Ciel.'This is just fucking fantastic.(inner sigh)Great job,Ciel...'

Ciel turned to Sebastian,who leaned down close to him with an unaffected expression.

"What should I do,Sebastian?"Ciel whispered,unheard by Elizabeth,who sat in want of a proper explanation.

"Well,young master,there are many options for getting you out of the hole you have dug.Option one,if you can't be bothered with anything else,is to quickly erase Lady Elizabeth-"

"Sebastian,no."whispered Ciel with an exasperated tone. Elizabeth still waited,but sensed they needed a moment to properly explain.

"Well,young master,"continued Sebastian."You can either make up a lie about being 'friends' or an 'assistant of overseas trades' or something of the sort with her majesty,or you could risk telling her the truth."

Ciel pondered the first option,and acted upon it.He cleared his throat and turned to Elizabeth.

"You see,Elizabeth,I am the Queen's acquaintance,as she was close with the previous Phantomhive head.I didn't tell you,for I feared that others would find out,and then people would think I got all my success from her....Some who already know,the men your father mentioned,give me a hard time about it and always approach me,trying to get to her through me..."he said in his most innocent voice, batting his eyelashes(at least on one eye)and looking pitiful and slightly upset.


'My,my...Even though he never admits it,he is cute,and despite how he loathes it,he sure uses it to his advantage,'thought Sebastian mischievously.'And oh how it pulls on Lady Elizabeth's heart strings,her being weak to such things.But that's what he aims for...Well that's Ciel for you...So cute and innocent on the inside,but cold and dark on the inside.And yet his soul is completely clean-'Sebastian internally shivered at the thought,but focused back on the conversation:


"Oh,Ciel!"exclaimed Elizabeth sorrowfully."Of course I don't think that!You are so hardworking,and I KNOW your connections are unrelated."she said.She covered her face with her hands."Oh dear,I am dreadful!Pressuring you to tell me such a thing,when you are already pressured enough!"gasping and looking up with a wet face,she made eye contact with Ciel." Can you ever forgive me?"


'Such a naive cousin,'thought Ciel.

'Such an gullible girl,'thought Sebastian.

"But of course,Elizabeth.How could I stay mad at my dear cousin?"he said soothingly.

'He sounds so kind to his fiancé,but he always refers to her as either her name or her relation,cousin,towards him...I guess it's his subtle way of showing his true feelings about their engagement to her...'Sebastian thought slyly.


"Oh thank you,Ciel!"she got up quickly and squeezed aroundhis shoulders.He gave a fake laugh,obviously uncomfortable.

"I'm dreadfully sorry,Elizabeth,but it seems I'm feeling under the weather...You should go home so you don't catch anything."lied Ciel, not wanting to host yet another party or anything of the sort that occurred whenever she visited.She let go abruptly.

"Oh,yes!I apologise."she said,curtsying."I shall be taking my leave!"



With that,she rushed out the door without another word.




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