The Butler x Master Scandal

When Elizabeth hears some...(clears throat uncomfortably)rumours...involving Ciel and Sebastian,she goes to discuss the matter with her cousin.Stuff ensures.


1. A Day In Town

Elizabeth was on her normal stroll through town,searching for new dresses and accessories with Paula.After a few boring hours of having her maid trail behind her,she snuck away and walked down a busy street alone.She had stopped at a window of a cutsie shop,when she heard a rich man and woman gossiping only a few feet away.She carefully listened,wanting know all about the latest events.'What's this?Is someone involved in relationship with a servant?!'she thought,listening closer.

"My,I heard from my sister that they went to bed together!Everyone is saying so!"the man said in a hushed voice.

"Well,it is a shame a great shame.But has he called of the engagement?"asked the lady.

'He was engaged?!How dreadful!'thought the blond girl.

"I haven't the faintest idea!But I never would have pinned Ciel Phantomhive for a homosexual!"the man exclaimed.

Elizabeth stopped.'Wait...Ciel?!'

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