calum hood is dragged to a victoria secret fashion then later on meets newest and upcoming supermodel erika bale, calum quickly swoons over her and tries to win her heart


1. 0:1 : half-naked girls

C A L U M:


of course as we’re off from tour we get to do what we want, being said, its the same ashton’s girlfriend bryana is in. so obviously she’s gonna wanna hang out with him, but this time she got invited to a victoria secret fashion show. i mean why wouldn’t i wanna go see half naked girls for free and being able to meet bryana’s half naked supermodel friend. so i went along with her and ash and the other guys, ash sending me a quick texts from bryana’s apartment. i quickly get dressed more formally  even though it may not be as formal to other people, but after all it’s not a fashi-let me just stop myself right there because that’s just a pun and i've already said two this morning. 


i get downstairs to the kitchen to see michael there rapidly clicking his keyboard, i wonder if he's writing an email or if he's writing a story, then i remember who michael is and realize that is impossible and that he's most likely playing a video game. he looks up from the screen quickly then looks back down "hey michael, where's luke?" i ask him as i go to the fridge and grab a bottle of water, twisting the cap and taking a sip. i see him close his laptop and pushes it aside "hm good question wish i could answer." he reply's sassily, i roll my eyes because why do i need sass? "i asked a simple question, that you did't have to struggle to find and then you would give me a simple answer to the simple question i asked. jesus man i don't need attitude." i say putting on a white girl voice and i flip my fake hair over my shoulder, we laugh at how dumb we are "no but seriously, where is luke?" michael becomes serious and shrugs "probably back at arzaylea's finishing having sex with her or some shit like that." i shudder at the thought that they probably are, that's all they do nowadays anyways. 


doesn't matter where they are or who's around. they'll do it. in the tour bus, in the same house, right next to your room, practically on top of you if they're feeling very horny or just in public. sometimes i wish i can find a girl that is willing to be with me not just because i am calum hood or because i have a great physique ( i don't wanna brag but y'all know it's true ) or because i have money. i just want a girl that is with me because of me. 


michael takes his phone out of his pocket then slides it back in "dude we should go now, we don't wanna be late and ash said that he'll meet us there. for luke he hasn't texted ash or me so we don't know what's up with him, if he's coming or not or if arzay is coming with him." i nod as i grab a jacket and my car keys twirling them around my finger as we walk out the door and me making sure i lock it. we hop into my black suv and we drive off to the venue.




we quickly get seated and we are in the middle, bryana saying it's the best view rather than being right at the front. she also said she's not telling us who her friend is and when she comes out on stage she'll point her out for us. i wonder who her friend is, if it's erika bale then bryana has to introduce me to her. that girl is so fucking hot it's insane that she's not taken or she hasn't contacted me yet. jokes. why would she contact a guy like me? if she did then i wou- the lights quickly dim and an announcer starts speaking "ladies and gentlemen, may i have your attention please? to start off our 2016 summer victoria secret show is lily aldridge!" this lily girl that i never heard of strutted down the run way in a nothing but lingerie, not giving m a boner or anything but i look to my right and see michael's pants shapped like a tent and he's fidgeting in his seat. guess the guy hasn't gotten some action in awhile, but then i see more girl walk down the run way. i quickly notice that bryana hasn't pointed out her friend, i lean over to my left so i can see bryana "yeo bryana, you still haven't pointed out your friend." she just gave me a look like 'she'll come soon don't even worry' so i sat back in my seat and the announcers voice came back on "ladies and gentlemen finally introducing the last model on this runway..erika bale!" 


as i see the girl that i am practically in love with walk down the runway, bryana taps my knee and points to erika. "there's my friend." she smiles at me as her and ashton laugh at my reaction to finding out. she sashays down the runway, she literally left me breathless. hopefully bryana introduces me to her because i really need to look at her up close. not just seeing her half naked now or through phone and computer screens, real life where i can see the crinkles when she laughs or just to see her velvety hair in person. as she turns around and blows a kiss in my direction, directly at me. she turns around and disappears behind the wall making me frown, not being able to see her in nothing but a bra and pantie set for much longer. but then all the models come back out and so does erika. everyone starts cheering and clapping for all the models that have participated in this summer catalogue, again she looks in my direction and winks. they all walk off stage and immediately i run over to ashton and bombard him with questions mainly asking him how he didn't tell me that his girlfriend new erika bale, thee erika bale. 


as we all get ready to leave bryana tells us all to stay here for a moment because erika will come out and meet us, mainly making me happy. as we all wait, i discover that luke did indeed come and he was sitting next to michael. i guess he missed the beginning of the show because that's the last i looked at michael, he said he missed three models but saw the rest. "fuck chris brown, kill lana del rey and marry barack obama." i say as michael asks me the infamous game on who you would really kill out of the three options i gave you "obama is a hell of a man and i would totally marry him too." says a voice i'm too familiar with, i slowly turning around not believing my ears and i see the girl i wanked off too two nights ago. there she stands in all her glory, wearing some leggings probably complimenting her ass and a tank top with her hair pulled back into a half up half down. she smiles sweetly at me as my eyes widen in shock, i can't do anything but just wave before taking out my phone and pretending to be occupied with it. 


"erika i would like you to meet my friends michael, luke and calum." bryana introduces pointing at the each of us "the one you find hot." bryana mutters the last part as she pushes her towards us, she reaches put to give us each a hug only lasting a mere two seconds but when she hugs me it lasts a little longer. maybe she was holding on longer or me being the obsessive person i am with her, i was probably holding onto her for too long. 


we all break out into little chats between us as ashton, bryana and erika all talked meanwhile michael and i were starring at erika, whole luke is over somewhere probably talking to arzaylea on the phone. “dude she’s even hotter in person.” michael nudges my arm as i continue to take in her features as she laughs while clapping her hands together. as she does so she turns to me and makes eye contact, she excuses herself from talking with bryana and ashton. 


she walks over smiling “so how’d you enjoy the show?” she asks as she sends a sweet smile in my direction, i look over to michael as i see him off in his own world probably daydreaming of things about erika. i look back at her as she is still smiling “uh-it was great, especially the part where all the models walked out in the lingerie.” i chuckle softly at the end scratching the back of my neck due to me being nervous around thee erika bale. she giggles “so you liked the whole fashion show is what i’m hearing? am i hearing it correctly?” she asks innocently as she bits her lip, fuck, that’s so hot. “uh-yeah, of course how can a guy not like lingerie fashion show? it’s physically impossible.” she laughs, i turn over to michael “well mikey over here really shows what i’m saying.” i cover my mouth in erika’s direction whispering pointing at michael’s settling boner. she burst out laughing as she keels over, leaning on me for support. 


bryana comes over and taps erika’s shoulder as she interrupts our fits of laughter, erika turns around “yeah?” bryana checks her phone “c’mon hun, it’s time to go.” bryana starts to pull erika’s wrist away from me “wait!” she grabs my sleeve tugging on it, which is incredibly cute. “wanna come over to my place tomorrow?” she asked me to come over to her place tomorrow? a loser like me going over to thee erika bale’s house and we haven’t been talking long, i heard that she only her closets friends go over to her house. i guess she might really like me.


“yeah sure, i’ll give you my number.” i say but i hear bryana laugh behind her, i look over erika’s shoulder “what?” i asked confused “no that’s not necessary.” she says as she pushes my hand back to my side which was previously extended out to her “then how are you gonna contact me?” she smiles.


“don’t worry, i’ll find you.” she then turns around as her and bryana walk off, bryana making sure to give ashton a big kiss before leaving through the back doors. 



if ur wondering how erika looks like just look maggie lindemann bc honestly she is just gorgeous so is erika bale so u know, they have sumthing in common

wassup first chapter of my second book named “supermodel” yayyy

hopefully i can keep up w 2 books considering i start school soon

ya home girl patrice

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