The Secret Life of a Criminal Hacker

If your father was the head of an infamous hacking group in the past would you want to find out more? Follow Caitlyn as she learns that all secrets come with a price...


9. Who You Gonna Call?

Tim's death, the accident in the car park and the discovery of bugs in her apartment had shaken Caitlyn more than she let on. She didn't want to leave without an escort and her friends were too busy to waste time taking her on shopping trips. One weekend, Sam and Julie had invited her to the cinema with them. She had honerably declined having thought about being stuck in a dark room filled with strangers. Her friends persisted with the invite knowing she needed to leave the house. They bought tickets to see Ghostbusters armed with three massive bowls of popcorn. 

The Movie was satifying, thought Caitlyn but she pined for the original film. It was much classier in her opinion. Her friends had dashed for the front seats but Caitlyn had insured she was stratigically sat in the top left hand corner above the doors allowing her to clearly see everyone as they entered the auditorium. When it was over she turned her phone on again before scrambling into the back seats of Julie's blue Audi TT. When they pulled up outside her apartment complex, she waved them off and retreated into the comfort of her flat.  

Her apartment had been ransacked: the drawers were poured out over the floor; the dirty plates and bowls scattered around her apartment had been tossed around aimlessly and the briefcase filled with her Dad's Smilers papers had vanished. She slumped to the ground and cried. If she had stayed here, she thought, this would never have happened.; but she also if she had stayed, she might have been dead.  

She called the police who checked everywhere for fingerprints, nails or hair. Caitlyn watched from her sofa comforted by PC Haresh who was now off-duty but had heard about the call before leaving the station. 

"Its lucky you went out" he said soothingly, "if this was Tim's killer, you would probably be seriously or fatally injured"

"But its my apartment! I changed the locks like you said and he still got in" she grabbed a pillow and wept into it.

"Would you feel safer with a police guard?"  "I suppose" she said.  

The police finally left just in time for Caitlyn to watch Holby City but she hadn't eaten. She wasn't hungry after today's events but felt the desire to comfort eat. She grabbed a sharing pack of crisps from the cupboard and began to crunch. After Holby had ended, she switched off the TV, went to bed, and fell into a restless slumber.

* * * * * *

Vishnu Haresh lived in a four bedroom house with his mother, father and two younger brothers. He had often dreamed of moving out before his twentieth birthday and especially on nights such as this, he wished he lived alone. The family were having a traditional curry all seated around a sturdy oak table: Shiva and Brahma were hitting each other violently; his parents were deep in discussion about the Brexit vote and how it would effect their Augusts in India; Vishnu was dancing his cutlery around the plate instead of eating the food prepared. When the plates were collected, his mother shunned him but knew about the death of his policing partner and blamed it on grieving. 

Vishnu sat upstairs listening to music through headphones. He was deep in thought. Ever since the questioning concerning the death of Mr Richards, Vishnu couldn't stop thinking about Caitlyn. When Tim was alive he would never have done anything about it in respect to his friend: but now? He just wanted to be there for her and used every excuse in the book to see her; Including a murder, he thought. He was smitten.

* * * * * *

The next morning, Caitlyn awoke from her troubled sleep her head filled with concrete. It was almost like a hangover, she thought. She recieved a call from Tim's mother concerning the funeral, she had said that the police had no further use for the body and it could finally be cremated. The funeral was at 2pm next Thursday and she was encouraged to attend.

After Tim's death she had allowed the police to investigate without her meddling but she could see the trail had gone cold and decided to do some digging of her own. She opened the drawer and remembered it had been stolen. She only had the documents she had stored into her IPad and the old computer. Even at the time she thought somebody stealing files were odd. What had they seen that I hadn't? She thought.

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