The Secret Life of a Criminal Hacker

If your father was the head of an infamous hacking group in the past would you want to find out more? Follow Caitlyn as she learns that all secrets come with a price...


11. Aftermath

Caitlyn opened her eyes slowly. She comprehended the dull ache in her head was due to excessive drinking the previous night. Her nightmare had become a reality when she turned over and found a topless Vishnu Haresh asleep on the other side of the bed.

She slipped out from under the duvet and threw on a comfy shirt and leggings before going to the kitchen and making herself a hangover smoothie before frying up a Full English Breakfast. This, as any teen will tell you is the hangover curing meal.

As she sat down to eat, Vishnu strolled out of the bedroom wearing his black trousers from the night before. The made eye contact and he smiled. Inside Vishnu was ecstatic, not only was it his first time, he had spent it with Caitlyn the most beautiful girl (with a hot body) he thought. She spoke first,

"There's a plate for you if you want it" 

"Thank you"

They sat around her breakfast table in awkward silence before Vishnu stood up and put his empty plate in the dishwasher. He disappeared into the bedroom and returned minuites later fully clothed. He went over to Caitlyn, kissed her and walked out the door.

Caitlyn gave a sigh of relief. She was not going to say, like him, it was her first time too. After she had finished her breakfast she wandered into the bedroom and found a note on the bed.  

"Dearest Caitlyn" it read, "Thank you for a beautiful night of passion. Can't stop thinking about it. Love, Vishnu"  

She fell to the floor and sobbed. What had she done? She was drunk and in her mind she had taken advantage of a grieving man. He seemed infatuated with her. She liked him but all she felt was that she had used him. How was she to tell him it didn't mean anything?  

The rest of the day had been spent on the sofa watching daytime television. She wrote an article on the plummet of the pound and finished the night with "Lady and the Tramp". When she was younger she adored the film and pined for the day she could find somebody who loved her like Tramp. But tonight, it reminded her of Vishnu. She switched it off and went to bed.  

* * * * *

Vishnu had strolled out of her apartment and waited for a taxi. He was in luck. He jumped into a black London Cab and gave his driver his home address. Vishnu had butterflies and a smile on his face that could have outdone the Cheshire cat until.... she realised what his mother would say about waiting till marriage. How could he hide the coming of his manhood. He couldn't wait to tell his mates. But on the other hand, he was mature enough to not compete over what he had done with girls and he knew that Caitlyn would find out he had told everyone eventually. In terms of gossip- London was a very small town.

As the Taxi turned into his road, he breathed out and considered what to tell his parents. 

"Where have you been?" Said his mother when he opened the door. 

"I had too much to drink and one of my collegues took me home. I slept on their sofa."

"Well make sure you tell us next time" his father said sternly, "we were worried about you"

Vishnu was suprised her mother didn't ask for more details but he made a quick getaway upstairs and jumped on his bed.

He daydreamed about the night before and felt something stir in his trousers. He ran to the toilet and elieviated himself replaying last nights events. He felt a whole new man but he couldn't tell anyone. He fell asleep that night feeling like a cat had his tongue.

* * * * *

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