Celebrity High: The Next Generation

*Sort of a sequel to Celebrity High* It has been 30 years since 5 Seconds of Summer has gone to Celebrity High and now it's their kids turn. There is going to be heartbreak. Love. And even friendship along the way. This is Celebrity High: The Next Generation. [© 2016. All rights are reserved to Gabby W.]


1. Prologue

Celebrity High:

The Next Generation




Luna's P.O.V

"Hurry up, Luna! Dad is waiting in the car for us!" my sister Alicia yelled. I put the last thing in my bag and slung it over my shoulder. Mom came into the room.


"Look at you! Going to the school where I learned to be a singer! Have I ever told you the story how-" I cut her off.


"You and dad met. Yes mother. A thousand times," I answered. Alicia popped her head in. 


"Luna!" she whined."We're going to be late!" Mom turned to Alicia and crossed her arms.


"Alicia Jennette Clifford! That is not how you are suppose to talk to your sister!" she said sternly. Ali huffed. Mom sighed. "Go to the car. We'll be there shortly," she added and Ali left. Mom and I got my stuff and walked down to the car.


"Luke called me," Dad said to mom when we got in. Mom was silent.


"But you haven't talked to the uncle Luke or the other boys in two years," I pointed out. 


"That is right. He said his two daughters are going to be going to Celebrity High." Dad looked down. Mom placed a hand on his shoulder.


"You need to talk to him. Did you tell him that Luna, Alicia, Kyle, and Dylan will be going there?" Mom asked. Kyle and Dylan, my brothers already drove down there. They're twins just like me and Alicia.


"I didn't have time. I could hear Taylor in the back so he said that we can talk later," Dad answered as he started the car and drove to the school. My parents and my other uncles and aunts got in a really big fight two years ago and haven't made up since. Mom says it's because Dad is to suborn that he won't admit he's wrong. Ever since that day Mom and Dad had little arguments about it. It always started out Mom bringing it up and Dad getting mad. Ali and I just put on some music and blocked it out. Which is what I'm doing right now because I know what is to come.



Dad pulled into an empty parking spot and turned the car off. We all grabbed a suitcase and Mom tried to contact Kyle and Dylan. I looked up at the school.


Goodbye living with Mom and Dad and hello living in dorms.




Hello everyone! I hope you guys are excited for Celebrity High: The Next Generation! I know I am! All the characters in this movella are children from the other movella Celebrity High! 

You will find out who everyone wants to be later on in the movella and new adventures that I wanted to put in the other but didn't really have time. 

The only character that has an actual celebrity is Matthew and he is played by Dylan O'Brien. 

Please like, favorite, and comment please! 

And like the other book lets do a hashtag kind of thing in the comments! 

Hashtag your favorite kid in the cast that you think you will like. Mine is #Luna because she seems sweet.(also in the twins pictures the first name goes with the person on the left in all of them. Like Luna is on the left in her picture if that made sense) 

Okay! This A/N is too long! Bye!


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