Celebrity High: The Next Generation

*Sort of a sequel to Celebrity High* It has been 30 years since 5 Seconds of Summer has gone to Celebrity High and now it's their kids turn. There is going to be heartbreak. Love. And even friendship along the way. This is Celebrity High: The Next Generation. [© 2016. All rights are reserved to Gabby W.]


2. Chapter 1

Celebrity High:

The Next Generation 


Chapter 1

When we walked into the building there was over a thousand people in there. We found Dylan and Kyle near the entrance and headed to the back of the line to get to the front desk. 


"There's more people working the front desk now. I don't remember seeing this many people working," Dad said as we stood in line.


"Well you also didn't pay much attention to anything really," Mom pointed out. Ali and I giggled. Dad playfully glared at us. 


"You have everything the girls and boys need,right?" Dad asked Mom as we neared the front. Mom held up the papers. When it was our turn Mom handed the papers over. 


"Okay. What entertainment is the kids in?" the woman asked behind the desk. "Your Claire Danes, right?" the woman asked when she took a full look at her.


"Yes I am! Are you a fan?" she asked. The woman nodded and smiled. Dad coughed to get there attention. "Oh yeah! Luna is going to be a dancer. Alicia is going to be a singer. And my two boys Kyle and Dylan are going to be actors," she added. The woman nodded and typed that in. After awhile she handed Mom some papers. 


"This will have all you need to know," she informed us and smiled. Mom thanked her and we walked away so other people can check in. Mom looked over the papers. 


"It looks like Luna and Ali aren't going to be rooming together. Neither will  Kyle and Dylan," Mom explained sadly. I took the page to see who I was roomed with. Phoenix Irwin was written on the page. I looked at Ali's roommate's name.  Olivia Matthews. Kyle took the page from me. 


"I wonder who this Olivia Matthews is," I replied and Ali shrugged. I couldn't stop thinking about my roommate though. Phoenix and I were the closest out of all the other 5 Seconds of Summer kids. I haven't seen her in two years and don't know if she wants to be friends or not.  


We got to my room which says our names on the door. I opened the door and saw that Phoenix hasn't showed up yet.


"Well, you get ready for the student meeting tonight while your dad and I see your sister and brothers room," Mom said and hugged me. I sighed. "What's wrong?"


"What if Phoenix hates me?" I asked. Mom looked at me sadly. 


"Honey! You guys have been best friends since birth! I can't see a reason why she would hate you," she answered. I hugged Kyle, Dylan, and Ali before they walked out. Dad gave me a small hug and kiss on the forehead before he followed after him.


First day and I already feel like I can't do it...


Hashtag of chapter: #FirstDay



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