Slender's Arrival

After a nearly fatal car accident, Kayla, her best friend Katrina, and their partners have no idea where they are, and start walking in the direction they believe to be south, where the town should be, but their situation quickly turns deadly as the sun starts to set behind the nearby mountain. 'They hear the snapping of twigs not too far behind them. Without a flashlight or weapon of any sort Kayla fears none of them will make it out of the forest alive.'


1. The Accident

 "Kayla, come on! They're going to be here any minute!" Katrina shouts at me from downstairs. I roll my eyes and throw my hair up in a messy bun and pull a pair of black skinny jeans on. Grabbing my shoes as I walk out of my room, I walk downstairs to see my best friend, Katrina, cuddling on the couch with her girlfriend, Natalie. 

 "Shit!" I yelp as my foot misses a step and I slide down the remaining six steps, hitting my head on a couple on the way down. Kat and Nat jump off of the couch to help me to my feet.

 "Oh my god, are you okay?" Nat asks, resting her hand on my upper back. I nod and rub the back of my head.

 "Is Chris here?" I ask, wondering why my boyfriend is nowhere to be seen. He and Natalie are siblings, but Chris is two years older than Nat, who is 19, the same age as Kat and myself.

 "He's out at the truck, cleaning out his back seat." Nat tells me. I nod and walk into the kitchen to get some pain meds for my now killer headache and throbbing head.

 "Dammit, Kat! You know I'm shorter than you why do you have to put all the medicine on the top shelf?" I shout, struggling to reach the top shelf, even on my tip toes. Being five ft. three with a roommate that's five ft. eight causes quite a few problems. 

 Just as I am about to climb onto the counter to reach the medicine, a hand grabs the bottle with ease and sets it down onto the counter in front of me. I turn to see my boyfriend, Chris, towering over me at six ft. three. I greet him with a smile and he leans over and kisses me on the forehead.

 "I heard you fall from outside, you okay?" He asks, holding the back of my head lightly. I nod and take two capsules out of the bottle and set them on the counter. Chris takes the bottle and puts it back on the top shelf for me and pours me a glass of water. I down the pills and chug the rest of the water, then sit down on the floor and put my shoes on.

 "Are you guys ready yet?" Kat shouts from the other room. Chris takes my hand and leads the way out to his truck. I wait for Kat and Nat to climb into the backseat before I hop up into the front seat next to Chris.

 "So where are we going?" Chris asks jokingly. Nat hits his arm and he laughs before pulling away from the apartment. Once on the freeway Kat and Nat start getting touchy and noisy in the back seat, their tongues practically down each others throat. Chris jerks the truck to the right, then back to the left, throwing the two in the back across the truck. They start screaming at him and he just laughs, giving them the finger. He then takes my hand and holds it tight as we ride down the nearly empty highway around a mountainside.

 Living in a small town with no fancy restaurants sucks since we have to drive thirty miles to to the next town; though the scenery is wonderful.

 The long, windy road goes through the mountains between our small town and Denver. We pass a lake that beautifully reflects the remaining sunlight off of it, and the green forest surrounding it.

 Chris starts searching through radio stations and I watch the road for him. After we finish a long turn I see something on the side of the road, it's tall, dark, and thin. I point it out to Chris and he looks at it with me. When we pass it it disappears, and Chris shrugs. I look back to try to find it when Chris slams on the brakes.I see the figure pass the window on the drivers side, a freakishly tall man in a suit, and a pure white face with no features, almost like a mask. The girls in the back start screaming as the truck swerves in the road, and Chris struggles to straighten it out. That's when I feel the truck fall off the side of the mountain.

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