The Wicked Witch of the West *Competition entry*

The TRUE story of Oz. *Entry for the Battle of the Fandoms competition*


1. Chapter 1.

             "A long time ago, in a beautiful, uncivilized land called Oz, there lived magics of all sorts. Witches and Wizards, Magicians and Sorceress. Fairies and Dwarfs, Elves and Pixies. 

             In the west part of the land, there was a beautiful witch who ruled over her adoring subjects, the Winkies, always trying to do what was best for them. However, there was a small group of them that hated the witch because of her emerald green skin and black hair, and they made it known. And each time they did, it broke her heart. She truly did love them. 

             One day during her long reign, a handsome stranger appeared in the land of Oz, claiming to be the most powerful being of all time. The Witch was curious, for she had never seen people other than Ozians. 

           Indeed, he did have many fancy tricks, shaping his image, granting wishes to the poor, throwing parties for the rich, but never, not once, did he invite the powerful Witch. Was he afraid? she often wondered as slowly by slowly the land of Oz was changed by this mysterious man. Cities of green, roads of yellow. 

           Soon, she realized it was so. The man who now called himself the Wizard of Oz was afraid of her. The small band of Winkies, had spread the word of her "terribleness and evil". Even her best friend, the Witch of the South, Glinda, and her sister, the Witch of the East, had distanced themselves from her. Her subjects now quivered in fear when she walked by. 

            Hurt and betrayal drove the beautiful Witch insane as the Wizard of Oz took over her world, making sure the Witch stayed in the West. Month by month, she earned the title of evil. For now, she was truly green inside and out. Lack of love had changed her.

            One day a beat up house appeared out of no-where, and landed right on her sister, crushing and killing her. The Witch of the East was dead. Though her sister had left her, the Witch hadn't stopped loving her sister and was now more angry then ever. She vowed revenge. 

           Dorothy Gale from the Kansas, emerged from the house, stealing their family's ruby slippers and claiming them as her own. Not even knowing the power they held, she marched down the Yellow Brick Road just as in awe of the Wizard of Oz. 

           Oz, however, being the mortal he was, was now old and frail. His power drained. So, he commanded Dorothy and her small band of friends, to kill the Witch of the West, for then, when Oz was free of evil, would he grant their wishes. 

           The Witch did the only thing sensible: she panicked, determined to defend herself. She called upon her servants, the Winged Monkeys to protect her. They managed to get rid of the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, and the Lion. But not Dorothy Gale, the one who wanted to kill her. The Witch gathered up her powers, in one desperate attempt to save herself. 

           Dorothy, however, must have been a true Sorceress. She enchanted a simple bucket of water to melt the Witch, who we know now as the Wicked Witch of the West, making sure it was a slow and painful death. Oz granted Dorothy and her friends their wishes and the land of Oz lived happily ever after, but not the Wicked Witch of the West. Make sure you remember, the true story of the Wicked Witch, a woman drained of love and called evil, just from the color of her skin. Promise me you'll never do that, promise!" The Witch of the North murmured softly from her deathbed to her subjects surrounding her. Their promises were the last thing she heard. 

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