The Fifth Marauder

Christina Jones is a very shy girl, so shy that the only person she's ever talked to was Lily Evans.
But during her fifth year at Hogwarts, the Marauders discover her.


4. Animagi

It took an hour before the rest of the Marauders to realize Christina left, how did they know she left? Do you really want to know? Really? Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you.

James and Sirius walked into the women's restroom, and yelled "CHRISTINA JONES! IS THERE A CHRISTINA JONES IN HERE?!" And they didn't come out until Sirius got a black eye, and James a bloody nose.

"I told you two not to go in there." Remus said in a mocking tone while he and Peter walked out of The Three Broomsticks. James and Sirius however, did not get to walk out, they had to be kicked out.

"Well, look on the bright side, now we know Christina isn't in the bathroom!" James said cheerfully.

"Yeah, but she could still be ANYWHERE in Hogsmeade by now." Sirius pointed out while grabbing a handful of snow and putting it on his eye.

"How hard could it be to find her?" James replied.

"Yeah, how hard could it be, to find a girl we didn't even know excited until today." Remus said sarcastically.

"Right.." James trailed off. "Troops! Line up!" He yelled, Peter automatically ran in front of James, while Remus and Sirius rolled their eyes before they walked in front of their friend.

"Peter, you check all the shops most girls go to," He ordered.

"Y-Yes Sir!" Peter squeaked before running to several shops.

"Remus! You check any book stores! And Sirius! You come with me, and check all the other places!" He commanded.

"James this is stup-"

"MOVE MOVE MOVE!" James yelled interrupting Remus, then dragged Sirius away while yelling. "If you don't do it Moony I'll get you! I know where you sleep!"



Meanwhile, Christina was not at Hogsmeade, she was in fact with McGonagall. I know what you're thinking, and no, Christina didn't get in trouble, she was actually doing her Transfiguration homework, she would just do it in the Gryffindor common room, but Fabian and Gideon Prewett were in there, just waiting to prank anyone they could.

She could try and run up to the dorm that she shared with Lily, (changing the girls that share the dorm) Molly, Alice, and a very rude Gryffindor girl, named Sara Clearwater, she was the same year as the rest of the girls.

Anyways, back to Christina, the reason she couldn't run up to her dorm, was because Sara was in there. Normally Christina would just deal with the insults she would get from Sara, but the blonde girl was already mad, because of the Prewett Twins pranking her a mere 10 minutes ago.

So to sum it all up, Christina could either deal with her hair possibly turning a vomit green, get yelled at by Sara, or look like a teacher's pet and do her homework in McGonagall's classroom.

She obviously chose the last one, plus, it would be the LAST place the Marauders look.

"Professor?" Christina asked looking up from the parchment she was previously writing on.

"Yes Miss Jones."

"I just had a question, about Animagi. When will we learn more about becoming one?"

"Tomorrow morning we will be covering the subject of Animagi, as for becoming one, that takes time, and effort." McGonagall answered the girl, who handed her the finished homework.

"Thank you Professor, have a nice evening." Christina said with a smile, and rushed to the Great Hall for dinner.






Sky: Kinda short, but I worked really hard on this, oh, and do you want your own character to be a part of the story?

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