I was once told that each person in the world has someone they're meant to spend forever with. But I don't believe in forever...until I actually met mine. I used to think forever was over rated. That it was dumb. That it didn't exist. He changed my mind. I thought that no one would love me.


5. Chapter 5

As I was in the bathroom Haley sent me a text.


I didn't answer and she kept texting me different variations of the same text. When the bell rang I got up very slowly and went to class. I sat down in the back of the class. Away from Haley and Kyle.

She looked back at me and I avoided eye contact. I didn't wanna talk to anyone because of what me and my dad talked about. But Haley doesn't deserve what I'm doing to her. Kyle was sitting in the middle of the classroom but got up and walked over to the back.

He looked at the guy sitting next to me and said "Move." He pushed up his glasses and scrambled out of Kyle's way. He sat down and looked at me.

"What happened this morning? I thought you're trying to show the real you. You just went back to being the one everyone knows you as."

I put my feet up on the desk and put in my earplugs. He pulled one out and I looked at him annoyed.

"Answer me."

"I don't want to."

"I don't care, you're gonna tell me. I deserve to know. I'm helping you."

"Then don't help me anymore. I don't need it. I don't wanna show the school who I am. I have more problems worth dealing with."

I got up and headed for the back door. The teacher said "Megan class is not done. Sit back in your seat."

I pushed through the door and walked in the silent hallway. I heard someone follow after me. Kyle ran in front of me so I wouldn't be able to go anywhere.

"Move." I pushed him away and kept going. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and it shocked me. My heart started beating faster and he said "You're not okay right now. Let me help you. Don't push me away...please Megan...."

He sounded so calm and desperate for me to listen. I sighed and tried to clear my head.

"You're right I'm not okay....I'm sorry for pushing you away, that's how I deal with problems."

"It's okay Megan. Here let me cheer you up." He let me go and turned me around. I looked at the ground and he lifted my head up by holding my chin.

I looked into his eyes and he said "Trust me Megan." I nodded and said "I trust you."

He smiled and said "Okay let's have some fun now." He took my hand and we ran out the door. I said "School is still going on." He said "Well we finished early."

Then we stopped when we were in the parking lot. I pulled free from him and crossed my arms. I smirked and said "Ha you can't drive yet so we can't go anywhere. I don't think you wanna walk that's why. We should go back then since we have nothing to do."

I turned back around and he said "Hold on." He ran around to the side of the stairs and came back riding on a bike. He stopped by me and held out his hand.

"Is this yours?" "Uhh not exactly." "So your stealing?" "Come on just get on." He pulled me and I laughed. I sat down and he pedaled us away.

He took me to a ice cream shop. Back at school it was lunch already. We went in and looked at the flavors. He said "You look like a coffee kinda girl." I shook my head and ordered "One medium strawberry please." He said "Woah not what I was expecting. One medium chocolate please."

He handed us our ice creams and Kyle payed for them both. As we were sitting and eating I said "I'll pay you back next time." He shook his head and said "No need. My treat." He took a spoonful of my ice cream and I said "What're you doing? Excuse me but you didn't ask." He laughed and said "I wanna bite."

"You have your own." "But I want a bite out of yours. Come on please." And then he showed me a puppy face.

"What the heck? You look so fucken weird and dumb stop it." I laughed at him and flicked his forehead. He rubbed it and said oww. He looked back at his ice cream and started to eat again sadly. I sighed and took a spoonful of my ice cream and jerked it towards him.

He looked up at me and then my spoon and then back at me. I said "Ahh." And he opened up his mouth happily and said "Ahhh." Like a kid. I laughed and pushed it in there roughly.

He made a weird almost choking sound and said "What the heck?" I laughed and said "What? You wanted some ice cream." He then dipped his finger into his ice cream and put it on my nose.

I gasped and looked at him like I was gonna kill me. "Ohh damn it Kyle I'm gonna get you for that." He got up from his chair and started running away from in the shop. I chased after him and then eventually got him in a corner where he couldn't escape.

I laughed evilly and said "Ohh Kyle you'll regret that." I took a big spoonful of ice cream and painted it all over his face. I stepped back and admired my work. I put down my ice cream cup and licked my sticky fingers. I pulled out my phone and said "Come here."

He walked over and he looked at himself. He said "Bruh I put a little dot on your nose and now I look like a baby threw up on me." I laughed and pulled him closer wrapping my arm around his neck and said "Smile." I was smiling and he was kinda frowning playfully.

I took a picture and posted it on my story on snapchat. I also saved it for my memories.

"So what do you wanna do now?" I looked at him and said "Up to you. You're the one "driving" me around." He rolled his eyes at me for putting quotation marks on driving. He said "Let's go to the library I have to get some books for a project and then I wanna take you somewhere special." I nodded and we cleaned up our mess and our faces.

As we were leaving I heard the worker tell his other coworker that we were a cute couple.

I hope Kyle didn't hear that. We walked over to the bike and he took us to the library. By the time we got there school was done. We walked in and I followed him toward the history section. "I need to borrow a book for history. I have an essay project." I nodded and looked around in the isles leaving him to look for his book.

I wandered into the fantasy/fairytale section. There was a book Haley had been telling me to get. I looked around but couldn't find it and then I looked up and saw that it was on a higher shelf. I grabbed the ladder that went across the bookshelf and pulled it over to where I needed it. I climbed up an reached for the book.

I opened it up and read the first paragraph and realized it was kinda nice and that I would borrow it. A little boy was running towards me and the ladder. His mother was at the end of the isle about to leave the library and she was calling him. He accidentally bumped the ladder hard and it shook and I lost my grip on the ladder and I was falling backwards.

I closed my eyes ready for the painful thud when I would reach the ground. When I didn't I opened my eyes and realized someone had caught me in their arms. I looked into his eyes and he was breathing deeply. In a low rumble like voice he said "Are you okay?" I nodded not wanting to speak.

My heart was racing. I felt like it was gonna jump out of my chest. Kyle had slowly put my down and I brushed myself off and said "Thank you." He nodded and said "Uhh let's go check these out." I nodded and followed silently behind him.

We went over to the librarian and checked out our books. We walked back outside and onto the bike. This time I held onto the side of his jacket instead of wrapping my arms around him. He said "Its starting to get dark but there's somewhere I wanna take you." "Where to?"

He smiled and said "You'll see." He pedaled away from the library and away from the town kind of. Then we made it to an uphill road. He started panting trying to get us both there. I got off and helped push the bike.

He looked back at me and said "What're you doing? Get back on." I shook my head and said "You're having a hard time going up. Let me help you." Then he stopped and I looked at him.

"What're you doing?" He said nothing and got off and went around towards me. He put his hand on my lower back pushing me gently towards the front of the bike and his hand there just made shivers go up my spine from the contact.

He said "Get on. I'll push and you can pedal." I did as i was told and started to pedal while he pushed. I will admit that it did take us way faster to get there then when I was pushing. And then instead of trading off places he just stood next to me putting one hand on each side of me on a handle. He started to push me along.

I said "I can pedal and you can get on. You've been taking me everywhere today." He shook his head and just continued to push me. He then turned onto a cliff looking area. I looked around the neighborhood behind us and it was quiet and peaceful.

He said "We're here." I got off the bike and he went to go lean it on a tree and then stood next to me. I put my bag by the bike and so did he. I walked over towards the edge and saw that he sat down with his legs dangling of the edge.

He looked back up at me and patted the ground next to him. I say down and crossed my legs. He said "It's almost time for sunset. Just wait." I looked across at the town we lived in and sighed. We just sat there with our thoughts and no words were spoken. Nothing was needed to be said right then. It was a comfortable silence.

Then Kyle said "Look now Megan." I looked up from the ground where I was tracing my initials with a twig. The sun started to go down and the sky was a brilliant sight to see. The pink and the orange mixed together was beautiful. I said "Wow." And smiled. I then looked at our town and saw that the lights had turned on and that it was so lit up and nice. I could feel Kyle looking at me. I looked at him smiling and said "What?"

He said "Nothin you just look like your so peaceful and happy right now. Your smile seems so genuine and happy. It's beautiful." I blushed and looked back at the view so he wouldn't notice.

"Well it was very pretty." He nodded and said "I found this place the summer before freshman year. It was beautiful then and it still is now. I come here now and then just to think." I looked at him and he looked so relaxed. He sighed and then got up.

"I should get you home before your family starts to worry." I nodded and he reached his hand out towards me and I grabbed it.

He took us over to the bike. I looked back at the town and wrapped my arms around me realizing it was colder now. I felt something warm around my body and realized Kyle gave me his jacket. I said "Thanks." And he let his hands linger a little bit longer than normal. He went back to the bike and we got on and he drove me home. He looked at my house and said "Nice place. Invite me over next time?" I laughed and said "Sure."

I walked towards my house with a smile on my face but as soon as the door closed my happy mood had shattered into pieces. My parents were yelling at each other in the kitchen and I secretly went up the stairs and knocked on my little sisters door. I walked in and she was in the corner crying hugging her knees.

I dropped my bag and walked over to her. I bent down and rubbed her arm and then she flung herself at me.

I wrapped my arms around her and said "Its okay." I rubbed her head and she sobbed "Daddy said it's my fault we need more money..."

"Ohh no honey it isn't your fault. Here come with me to my room, you won't hear anything there." I carried her to my room and closed the door. She sat on the corner of my bed and I asked her if she ate and brushed and showered and she said yes.

I said "Okay go to sleep then. You can sleep with me." I tucked her in and kissed her forehead saying good night and I love you.

She closed her eyes and I sat down by the wall and closed my eyes trying not to cry. Why would my parents be fighting if they knew she was home? Ugh....

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