I was once told that each person in the world has someone they're meant to spend forever with. But I don't believe in forever...until I actually met mine. I used to think forever was over rated. That it was dumb. That it didn't exist. He changed my mind. I thought that no one would love me.


4. chapter 4

When my dad dropped of Tori it was just me and him in the car with music in the background. He said "'s your mom?" I looked at him and he started straight ahead and he was gripping the steering wheel so hard that his knuckles turned white.

I said "She's fine dad." He nodded "That's nice." I looked down at my lap and crossed my legs, laying my hands on top of them. I said "Are you guys really gonna divorce...?" He sighed and said "Ohh honey I love your mom very much and you know that. We love each other but it's just been hard with all these money problems and Tori's heart...we've just been fighting a lot. It's not a good time for us."

"So just because times get rough and you guys have fights you guys are gonna divorce? Why dad? Do you know how dumb that is? Tori is practically getting better every time she goes to the doctor. And I'm helping with the money by working at the pet store. Mom is also trying her hardest to work as a waitress and get a new job. And dad you go off to who knows where to earn us more money. This whole family is trying their best to stay strong and get more money for Tori. I have sacrificed a lot to be who I am right now for this family."

"I am almost raising Tori all on my own most times. Our lives all starting going down hill when..." I got quiet.

My dad's voice was hard "When what Megan? When Tori was born?! Is that what you were gonna say?!"

"We both know it wasn't her fault! It just happened to be that it was around the time of her birth. And I have never blamed Tori."

We pulled up to my school and I said "Bye dad." I slammed the door and my tears start to create themselves in my eyes. I walked fast with my head down and my hand covering my face. I suddenly bumped into someone and and mumbled a sorry.

"Megan? Where are you going? What're you doing?" I lifted my hand a little and saw that it was Kyle. I just said "No where." I had to get away fast. My tears were coming soon if I didn't get to a bathroom fast.

I turned around and started walking faster. Kyle grabbed my wrist and turned me around. And then we were facing each other. I wasn't that much shorter than him. My forehead was the same height as his lips.

I kept looking down at my shoes. "Kyle let me go." I realized he was still holding my wrist. He held on even tighter when I tried to wriggle free. I looked at him pissed "Kyle I said let me go." He shook his head.

"Not until you tell me what's wrong." Why are you crying?" "What? No I'm not." He reached up towards my face and I jerked back but he kept going. He wiped something wet off my face. He said "I beg to differ." He gave a little chuckle.

I laughed at that and said "Sorry, family problems. I don't say anything bout family remember." I realized that we were in the front of the school where a lot of people are because you know it's school and that's where most people enter, through the front. He was still holding onto my wrist and I took my hand away.

I looked around and everyone, every single person was looking at us. I found Haley in the crowd and she looked at me with big eyes. I could only imagine what's going through her little pretty mind filled with loving thoughts.

I mean I would stare also. The popular guy of the school and me, the nothing girl. I saw Lily behind Kyle and she walked up so she was in between us. She looked sweetly at Kyle and said "Babe what're you doing with this garbage?" Then she looked at me with so much poison in her eyes.

I rolled my eyes and said "Calm down, I ain't gonna steal you're boyfriend from you bitch. You're so insecure about you're relationship that you're afraid that even I will steal you're boyfriend. That just shows that you see me as a threat." I laughed and said "Seeya bitch."

I looked at Kyle and he looked at me. Like he was disappointed in what I had said. I walked away and everyone's eyes followed me until I disappeared into the school. Then I heard bustling outside again. I went to the bathroom and leaned against the bathroom sink and looked at myself.

I sighed. I have a lot of work to do to show the school who I really am. I can't just depend on Kyle to do all the work and me just not change. People will just think that Kyle is lying and he'll lose is cool boy status. Change is hard.

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