Who the hell is Luke Hemmings?

Im a normal girl, going to school with some friends. but one day we had a new kid and it was all have you seen Luke Hemmings or Luke Hemmings is so hot and i ended up being his new school buddy or whatever.


8. 8.


So Luke arrived this afternoon and as a normal friday i was sitting in the bath watching Gilmore Girls and relaxing. i heard a knock on the door before Luke walked in and i sighed before he sat down beside me. "Tomorrow is my eighteenth birthday and once again my parents are nowhere to be seen as per usual and I'm in the bathtub knowing that nothing has ever changed throughout my entire life" i muttered listening to Rory and Lorelei talk their way out of something else. 


"Wait its your eighteenth tomorrow?" Luke asked and i nodded before drifting my eyes over to him. "I'll see you tomorrow" he said before getting up kissing my head and walking out the door. i knew he was eighteen so i couldn't have scared him away. But i have never seen someone run away so quickly. 






it was later that night and i was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. i rolled over and saw my alarm clock. 11.59pm. literally a minute away from my birthday. as it ticked over i heard someone downstairs and i sat up before my heart started to race. then i heard the door close and i stepped out of bed and stood beside the door before opening it. 


this probably wasnt the best decision but i stepped outside my room and walked past the bathroom before going downstairs and looking around. the house was empty. 


i sighed and went to turn around before i saw something on the kitchen bench. it was like one of those manilla folders and i walked over before sitting on a stool and opening the letter. 


it was my birth certificate with my name and date and birth parents. but they weren't my parents that i knew. my mums name was replaced with Trisha Malik and the dads name was left blank. Malik i knew that name. i flipped over the page to find adoption papers with my parents signature and Trisha's as well. 


my heart sunk. i felt like my whole existence just disappeared and i was a completely new person who had no idea who they were. i continued to flip the pages before finding out so much information. there was written letters that were mailed to me and pictures of a mum and boy (A/N: Zayn Malik doesn't have any other siblings in this story). every photo was different like they were growing up and they were all dated. 


before moving any further i opened a letter. 



Another year has gone by and it is one closer until you find out the truth. once again I'm telling you, your adoptive parents agreed that they would tell you who you are at the age of eighteen and they are to give all information about me and you. Ive watched you grow up. your mum sends me letters with photos and sometimes i get certificates you do and participation awards. 


I honestly hope one day we can meet. I only gave you up because i thought having one child was difficult but i could have had a little girl. 


I don't know what else to say but I'm sorry for ever giving you up. 


Trish and Zayn xx 


Her number was left and so was her address and i noticed she lived in Britain. then it clicked Zayn Malik. i ran upstairs with the folder and sat down on my bed grabbing my laptop and googling the name. Zayn was in a famous boyband named One Direction. they were only fairly new and he was dating Perrie from Little Mix. 


i got onto youtube and put his name in watching all the videos of him with his friends and him singing and i pulled my legs up to my chest and rested my head on them. i smiled slighting while watching them. he had a gorgeous smile and he had these dreamy eyes. honestly he was perfect. certainly got the better genes. 


there was a knock on my window and i walked over opening it to find Luke sitting there looking at me. he had flowers and a box and i opened it letting him in before walking over to my bathroom and looking in the mirror and splashing my face. 


"Whats all this?" i heard him yell out and i dried my face and walking into my room leaning on the doorframe i watched him read through everything on my bed and his head looked up at me. 


slowly he walked over and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me into his chest and i sighed out. pushing away and sitting on my bed i shuffled through until i found there number and i grabbed my phone and dialled. it started to ring before a male voice answered "Hello?" 

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