Who the hell is Luke Hemmings?

Im a normal girl, going to school with some friends. but one day we had a new kid and it was all have you seen Luke Hemmings or Luke Hemmings is so hot and i ended up being his new school buddy or whatever.


3. 3.


i was sitting at my desk reading my books and doing math equations. Troy was laying on my bed and i was just studying. i heard footsteps and then his lips started to touch my neck. i slightly tensed and then he kissed behind my ear and i got shivers and instantly melted, closing my eyes. 


he turned my chair around and put his lips to mine before putting mis hand on my lower back and pulling my up and putting me down on the bed. i moved my head and tried to move but i couldn't. the doorbell rang and i tried to get up. 


"I need to get the door" i said and he just continued to kiss me. 


"they'll leave" he mumbled and i pushed him of me and ran down the stairs and opened the front door to see Luke there and i was surprised but i stepped out and closed the door behind me. 


"What are you doing here?" i asked looking at him and crossing my arms. 


"i don't want to go home yet. i asked the office where you lived for study purpose and they gave me your address." he said. 


"you shouldn't be here" i mumbled looking back at the door. 


"Okay whats the problem? i can tell your really not like this. you seem smart, you don't have trouble understanding anything in class. you don't like the people you surround yourself with and i can tell you don't like the boyfriend." he said and stepped towards me. 


"You know your not having a good first impression. I've known you for a day. to be honest your a tiny bit weird" i said stepping back and i hit the door. 


"i just don't like good people have a bad life" he said stepping closer until the door opened and i stood back. i slightly turned and noticed Troy was standing in the doorway looking at Luke. 


"Who the hell is this?" he said stepping outside. 


"Troy just go inside I'm fine" i said turning around. 


"oh yeah what ever Violet. come dude get out of here" Troy said stepping down the stairs. 


"I told you so" he said before walking away and i felt a bit sad about it. even though i have only known him for a day, he knows me better than my own boyfriend. i closed my front door and ran down the steps to the direction Luke was going. 


"LUKE" i said running after him and he turned around. he seemed slightly happy. "You're right. but i don't know what to do" i said looking at him. 


he put his hands on my face and pulled me in kissing me. i was slightly confused but i just let it happen and i stood in. i actually enjoyed. where Troy was so forceful and Luke was slow and gentle like he was scared that he was going to do something wrong. 


i got so into it. i grabbed his jacket and let myself move closer to him. i heard footsteps and i pulled away to look in the direction they were coming from and i froze. Troy was standing there looking heart broken but so mad at the same time. "Thats what you can do" Luke mumbled and i looked at him to see him looking at Troy. 


"Troy I--" i went to speak but i didnt know what to say. i don't even feel a little bit sorry for him. 


"Save it Violet. i know you enjoyed it" he spat back and stood in front of me. "As for you asshole" he punched Luke making me gasp a little. i can't say i was surprised that he wouldn't do it but it was a shock he actually did. he just walked away in the direction of his car and i looked at Luke to see him standing there and he was completely fine. 


"Are you okay?" i asked looking at him studying his face. he has these really beautiful crystal blue eyes and his lip ring just sits perfectly on his lip. he seemed beautiful but he was still hot in a bad boy way. 


"I'm fine" he said back with a smile and i grinned slightly wanting to laugh that Troy didnt hurt him. "He needs to learn how to hit a guy" he continued making me laugh a little. 


"Well I'm going to go home and grab some food" i said starting to walk and he just stood there. i grabbed his arm and pulled him along "Come on" i smiled and we started walking back in the direction of my house. 

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