Wishes to be granted.

A orphan with wishes. A princess with dreams. An athlete with injuries. This makes the Dream Triangle. 3 girls, all daughters of someone whose famous. When they meet, the triangle becomes strong as it pushes away the girls's family. Dream Triangle fights hard for rights, they never realise their hometown is hours away. Their family is going slowly as the Dream Triangle's power spreads the fateful disease among the families.


1. The Orphan with wishes.

A large ancient cobblestone building stood tall among the small town, the little clock inside the massive structure struck 12 o'clock. During the moonlight, a 14 year old girl awoke with the sound of the little clock clicking. Her head touched the pillow and all was quiet once again. 

Daylight soon arrived very quickly, and one by one each of the children pried open their eyes to see the windows shimmering the brightness of the sun. Calmly, the girl stood up from her dirty sheets. "Where is... Emily?" Her voice cracked as the girl whispered. Their was a slight echo as the girl next to her, opened her eyes to see the morning light shine in her pupils. "Emily, she left yesterday." She answered, yawning. "I know but I just couldn't bare it." The girl's voice felt hard and solid but as she coughed, her voice let out an echo of kindness. "Ellie. That cold is nearly unbearable to sleep with." The other girl interrupted as she coughed. "Well, at least I've been putting up with those rackets of snores. Kim, I had a feeling." Ellie quickly fought back. "What's been going on?" Kim asked sarcastically. "I'm serious." Ellie replied to her sarcasm, "I want to leave this dreaded place and grow up to be a sensible politician." Kim gasped but understood. "As if they let a women become a politician." Kim commented on Ellie's dreams. "I know.. that is why I WANT to become one!" Ellie yelled as her scream rebounded the walls all the girls's eyes were on the two. 

"I'm finding my way out." The voice told Kim, "We will miss you Elizabeth Maricela Smith." The receptionist interrupted them. The voice belonged to the 14 year old Ellie. "Good luck." Kim whispered to Ellie. She smiled and as she placed her back-pack on her back, Ellie left the tall building riding on a hazelnut horse. "She'll be alright.. Won't she?" An anxious Kim asked the startled receptionist. The receptionist half-nodded. "Hopefully."

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