The Unexpected

In the year 2028, a new, incurable harmful virus called 'The Osmosymbiosis' have speared around Earth. It cause humans unbearable, painful illness and turning them into a undead creature called netro, which they can turn other humans into them by biting. But soon they found a cure, or so as they thought, and tested it to 6 teenager who got the disease. But the result was very unexpected... It cure them, but it did something more to them. Make them less human and more... mutant with... supernatural powers. It came out a shock, especially to Scarlett White, who is one the teenager. But little does she know, it's only the beginning of The Unexpected...


4. The Cure Part 1


Narrator's POV

New York City Hospital wasn't a normal hospital anymore. It is not where you go when you're sick, when you have cancer, or when you need a surgery. It is more for the humans who was going to turned into the monster itself. And once they did, the others have to killed them. There was no cure. 

Until now...


The professor, Sean and a few other nurses, doctors and security were quickly walking, up the elevators and into the floor where 6 teenager are at. When they reached the floor, professor asked, "Who's the first one," It was more of a statement than a question. One of doctor came up to him with a sheet of papers, "Um," She mumbled as she looked through the papers, "Brittany Cooke,"

"How long have she been in the hospital?"

"2 days sir,"

Suddenly a loud screamed interrupted the talking. "Who was that?" The professor asked, emotionless.

"Luke Cooper sir. He's the longest one who got infected of all of the 6 people,"

The professor scratched his head sightly and was thinking for a moment. "Very well," He then said, "He'll be the first,"

"But sir, the equipment and cure is already in Ms. Cooke's room-"

"Can't you see that this boy need help?" He started to raise his voice but then coughed and spoke into his normal  voice, "We need to help him, we can't lose time or a person again. Go and get the item from Ms. Cooke's room," The room was finally quiet, except for the screaming. Then 3 nurses nodded and hurried off to get the equipment and the cure.

"Alright sir, please follow me," The doctor quietly ordered then walked to the end of the corridor, which leaded to a metal door. As the others followed, she entered a code number and automatically, the metal door flew opened, showing two man in black with guns and a glass window. And inside the glass window was Luke Cooper, screaming in his pain. 

​In professor's opinion, Luke Cooper looked extremely like a netro already. But luckily, his hair, teeth and eyeball was still on.

"How is he doing?" The doctor asked one of the man in black.

"Not very good, ma'am. His body started to change, we're not sure how long will he-"

"That is why I'm here to help," The professor interrupted as the nurses came back with a science trolley, which was fill with equipment and most importantly, the cure that was in a needle.

"Open the door." He instructed one of the man in black. He nodded then entered another code and the door slide opened. Without the glass covering the scream, everyone had to covered their ears with their hands. Everyone except the professor.

Slowly, he entered the white room and walked right up to Luke, who was trying to free himself but he was cuffed in a bed. "Hello Luke, my name is Professor Hilldision, but I prefer just professor. Me and my team is here to help you. We have find a cure for you teenagers already and you're lucky enough to be the first ever person to be cure!" He said then gestured Sean, the doctors, nurses to come.

Luke hadn't stopped screaming. So with guilt, the professor let him be unconscious, so it would easier to do the job. I guess I would have to do this to everyone... The professor thought miserably. 

"Okay, since he will be unconscious, we just need to give the cure to him. Nothing more. But..." The professor said, "If he start to be conscious when I give the cure to him, quickly put him to be unconscious. Okay?" The others nodded but Sean wasn't.

"Professor, what shall we do if it doesn't work?" Sean asked nervously. He could see the professor eyes drifted back to fourth in frustration.

With a deep breath, the professor answered, "We will just have to put him to sleep,"


Slowly, the professor lifted the needle up, which was containing the cure, and looked at Luke, who was lying unconscious. We will save you, He thought determine. He felt like everyone was watching him like a hawk, waiting for him to give Luke the cure. With a deep breath, he carefully and steadily moved the needle down and pressed it down into Luke's arm. The others watched carefully as the green looking cure went inside of Luke's body. Then, the professor lifted up the needle and looked at the Luke, if he survived or not. 

Everything was quiet for a moment. Luke didn't jerked up and screamed again. He didn't opened his eyes and his body went back to a healthy, human body again. Instead, he just laid there like he was died. Suddenly, he made a noise that made everyone jumped in shock. It was a chocking voice. His skin started to turned normal and his eyes started to became red. There was suddenly a loud and happy cheer, they found a cure! People started to danced and cheered around the room like a maniac.

"Guys, wait! Look!" Sean shouted in alert, pointing at Luke. Just a second ago, he was cured but now... the skin started to dried up and his body became thin again. ​The room was now replaced by worried and anger.

"Quick! Get him some more cure!" The professor yelled at the doctors. Immediately, one of the doctors quickly pulled out a bottle of the cure. She let the needle sucked it up and pressed it under his arm.

Nothing happened.

"Do it again!" The professor yelled hungrily.

And so the doctor did it again. But nothing happened.

​"Give me it," The professor said then snatched the needle from the doctor. He pressed the needle into Luke's arm and did that 6 times.

"Professor, stop!" Sean shouted desperately, "We will run out of cure!" But the professor won't listen to him. He could give all of the cure to Luke, if it meant he would wake up. 

On the 10th time, nothing happened either. The professor inhaled the air and sat in the chair, defeated. "I-I thought it will work..." He mumbled sadly, like he was going to cry. He had never cry, only that one time when his wife turned into one of them...

"Put him to sleep," The professor said then straightened up. 

"A-Are you sure? We could wait for a few minutes-" Sean tried to argued but the professor raised his hand.

"I said," The professor spoke calmly, "Put him to sleep. The cure didn't work," 

The doctors and nurses nodded then exited the room to get the sleeping needle.

The room was completely silent, no one moved, no one talked.

So this is it then, Sean thought in defeated.

A few minutes later, the doctors and nurses came back and one of them was holding a sleeping needle.

"Okay sir, do we just do it-" The doctor stopped talking and was staring up ahead of her.

"Yes, just do it," The professor said. But then he realised that everyone wasn't looking at him. They were looking at... Luke.

The professor turned and gasped in completed shock. 

Luke's skin was starting to turned back to normal, healthy and tan. His body started to transform into his normal  size, muscular and tall. The professor could see that he have dark, blonde hair instead of grey hair and perfect jawline.

Suddenly his eyes flew opened, backing everyone took a step back in shock. "Oh my god," Sean whispered. Then all at once, everyone walked up to him, pushing and pulling like kids. Luke have green eyes and was opened wide and looked up.

Then he huffed and puffed, trying to get some air. One of the nurse tried to give him the breathing mask but Luke desperately pulled away. "WHAT HAPPEN? Where am I?" Luke shouted in a deep voice and tried to move but it was no used since he was cuffed. 

"Hey, hey Luke, it's okay," The professor said, trying to calm him, "How are you feeling?"

There was pause but Luke said, "I'm feeling fine. Better than fine actually. I feel... better than I have ever feel in my whole life." There was a moment of whispered but the professor raised his hand, meaning to stopped talking.

​"Okay, next question. Do you remember anything?"

​Luke was suddenly quiet, his eyes started to became dark. "My name is Luke Cooper, I'm 17 years old and... that's all I remember," 

Professor couldn't tell if he was lying or not, but he will let it pass. Except for one question, "Do you remember how you end up here?"

"Not sure," Luke said, "All I know was that I have been bitten and I somehow survived."

Professor nodded. "Okay," Then he turned to the other, "I want 3 volunteers to stay with him and make sure he's okay. Me and the others are going to the next person." Everyone nodded. Two nurses and one doctor decided to stayed with Luke while the professor and the other went to the next room.

When they were out, everyone broke into a cheered. 'We did it Professor, we found a cure!" Sean shouted happily.

The professor smiled. "Yes Sean, we did." One down, 5 more to go. And then save the Earth... He thought.

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