The Unexpected

In the year 2028, a new, incurable harmful virus called 'The Osmosymbiosis' have speared around Earth. It cause humans unbearable, painful illness and turning them into a undead creature called netro, which they can turn other humans into them by biting. But soon they found a cure, or so as they thought, and tested it to 6 teenager who got the disease. But the result was very unexpected... It cure them, but it did something more to them. Make them less human and more... mutant with... supernatural powers. It came out a shock, especially to Scarlett White, who is one the teenager. But little does she know, it's only the beginning of The Unexpected...


2. RoseWood

4 hours ago...


Dear Diary,

I don't know what to do, but one thing for sure. James was gone. He's not here anymore. In RoseWood, in New York. I don't where he is, or if he's alive anymore. But I know that he have been infected or one of his family have been infected and he need to move away.

I visit his house yesterday, and it completely empty. He's been gone for 3 days already. I miss him. Even though we have this big fight last week, which was mostly his fault, I still forgive him. I just want to hear his beautiful, British accent again, see his smile, his brown hair and green, piercing eyes, and feel his warm embrace again.

I'll never thought I'll say this but, I think I'm in love with James Brown. And I'll just keep hoping he'll come back.

Scarlett Witch, signing out.


I looked at my nickname, Scarlett Witch, then smiled. But the smile disappeared when I thought about James. I can't believe I confessed my love to my diary. What a dumb way, I should confessed it to my best friends or something. But, well, my other best friend had moved into the city, which according to many people, it was safer. But my parents won't moved, they said that our house was my mom's great grandparents' house and we will born and died there. So yeah, so far in RoseWood, there was only 4 houses, which includes us, that are still living here. 

I was bored. Very bored. I was not allowed to go outside because my mom said so, or I'll be infected. Which I think it was stupid. I would always looked outside, wondering if I could just sneak out for a few minutes. Beside, I had't been outside for about 6 month already. The virus, which was called "The Osmosymbiosis" was getting worse everyday, which was also from my mom.

But I missed the fresh air, the beautiful scene of nature and the smell of freedom. Well, I'm not sure if it smelled like that anymore since there was exploding, shooting and pollution going on ever since the virus came to Earth. When would they find the cure? When will the Osmosymbiosis century end? I missed my old life...

I was about to read a book when I heard a loud noise that went BOOM!I quickly turned and looked outside the window and saw smokes coming out from the distance. "Oh my god..." I whispered. The noise was in RoseWood, that meant... there was someone living there. The other 3 houses are next to mine so it can't be them. So who can it be? "Only one way to find out," I muttered then without thinking, I grabbed my fury coat and high boot and went downstairs.

My mom was in the kitchen, which was far end of the corridor so I don't need to worry about that, and my dad was sleeping his room, which was also not a problem. So quickly and carefully I opened the front door... and exited my house, and into the light of freedom.


​Author's Note: How y'all doing?! I apologise if this story is short, I don't have a lot of time to write since today was a CRAZY DAY! But don't worry, the next chapter will be longer than this, I promise! And also, make sure you click the favourite button so you would know when I updated the story. Peace out!

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