The Unexpected

In the year 2028, a new, incurable harmful virus called 'The Osmosymbiosis' have speared around Earth. It cause humans unbearable, painful illness and turning them into a undead creature called netro, which they can turn other humans into them by biting. But soon they found a cure, or so as they thought, and tested it to 6 teenager who got the disease. But the result was very unexpected... It cure them, but it did something more to them. Make them less human and more... mutant with... supernatural powers. It came out a shock, especially to Scarlett White, who is one the teenager. But little does she know, it's only the beginning of The Unexpected...


1. Prologue


It was the year 2028. The year that no one will ever forget.

In the nation lab, which is in New York, was working on a cure. A cure that people needed for survival and to stay human. They have been working and finding the cure for almost a year already.

And somehow, they thought they did.

"Is the cure done yet?" The Professor asked one of his scientists, who was looking into a huge microscope, examined the microorganism. The scientist looked up in surprised but slowly nodded and said, "Yes, but there's a catch..." 

​"A catch?" Professor asked in shock.

"Yes, a catch..." A voice behind him spoke softly. The professor turned and saw that it was his assistant, "The cure can only work on... teenagers,"

"Teenager?!" The professor cried loudly in disbelief, "Surely that can't be right. We have found every material and sources from all around the world. It have to be enough Sean!"

His assistant, Sean, shook his head sadly. "It's not enough. Adults need more, and not JUST any material. Special material that are not... humanity."

"And how do you know that?" Professor asked, more angry than shock.

"Let's just say, I spoke to a expert. The... netro," 

"THE NETRO?!" Professor suddenly came up to him, his face looked like he was going to explode. "Are you crazy! You could be infected!" If it wasn't for a bunch of scientist who hold the professor, he would killed him. He feared the virus will get close to the one he cared. And he cared Sean very much then anyone knew.

What seemed like forever, he finally calmed down and spoke quietly, "Okay then, how did you do it? Talk to the netro?"

Sean nodded slowly. "I used the translator, the one I told you about?" Then he rolled his eyes when he saw that his boss looked absolutely confused, "The one that can translate what the netro said? It was unclear, but I manage to work it out. We can't understand what they said but they can, because they still have a bit left of humanity inside. It said that the adults need blood that isn't human-"

"Then we're get animals' blood!" Professor interrupted impatiently.

"No, I wasn't done yet. Adults need blood that isn't human and animals,"

The professor sighed heavily and covered his face with his weak hand. "W-What will we do now? You mean it's impossible for Adults to be cure?"

"I..." Sean was now speechless, he have never seen his boss so defeated before. He knew what it felt like to lose someone he loved. But he needed to stayed strong. "Maybe it's possible. But first, we need to test it on the teenagers," 

The crowds looked at each other and agreed immediately. Slowly, the professor nodded his poor head. "Okay then, we will test it on 6 teenagers. 3 girls, 3 boys. Give me the lists of name." The scientists looked alarm but then nodded. As quick as flash, they ran and worked on their computers, searching their right ones. 

Sean walked up to the professor and placed his hand on his shoulder, "I know how it felt like when you lose someone you love. But now, we can a least save someone. And I promise you, we will find the cure to every hood. Teenagers and Adults,"

The professor nodded his head, "Thanks Sean," But his face turned cold and confused. "I still don't understand, why children isn't infected by the virus?" It was Sean turn to turned confused. "I-I don't know. Probably because they're still growing?"

"Lucky kids," The professor said. He was going to said something but was interrupted when someone shouted, "I found one."

The professor and Sean quickly ran to the person. The person pointed into a screen, which shown everyone in the New York Hospital. "Ryan Ware, male, 16, born on April 12th, came to the hospital yesterday."

"Good, he's the one." The professor said then someone shouted. The professor ran to them.

"Brittany Cooke, female, 17, born on February 21th, came to the hospital 2 days ago." The person said. Professor nodded but had to moved on when someone shouted again.

"Violet Bells, female, 15, born on September 8th, came to the hospital yesterday." The person said.

"I found one sir. Luke Cooper, male, 17, born on December 11th, came to the hospital 3 days ago," Another person declared. Before the professor could said yes, someone interrupted him, 

"Elliot Grayson, male, 14, born on January 10th, came to the hospital 2 days ago." 

"Great!" The professor shouted happily, "Last one? Anyone?" There was a pause of silence. Then a person spoke, "I found one! Scarlett White, female, 16, born on October 28th, came to the hospital... 1 hour ago?" The room went quiet for a moment.

"Is there anymore?" The professor asked. He wanted to save the last girl but... there was probably more teenagers, who been infected longer, that have to be saved.

"None sir, all of them came to the hospital more than 4 days already and it been reported back, saying that they start to turn into netro," The person said, still looking at the professor. With a sigh, the professor nodded his head, "Very well, it seem like Scarlett White is very lucky," He said, "Okay listen up. Section 1, report back to the hospital, saying the cure will be there in 1 hours straight. Section 2, call the security and driver to wait outside. Section 3, go and get the cure or antidote with me. While all of you, go back to do your work. Remember, we have 30 minutes till we take off. I want everything ready!" 

With a loud hooray, everyone started to do their work. Section 1 went to report the hospital, Section 2 had called the security and driver, Section 3 went to the secret place where they kept the cure and the other went back to work. 

This has to work, The professor thought, For the kids. For the world. For my wife. With a sniffed, he followed the Section 3 with bravery and confident.

But what they didn't know, was the future. The future that was going to impact their world, which was bigger than the virus. The future which will unleash...

The Unexpected.


Author's Note: Hey guys! I just wanted to thank you guys for reading this story. Science Fiction isn't what I normally write about but I want to give it a try. So if I write things that aren't making sense or using the wrong words for an object or person, please just ignore it. If not, just comment down below. If you like my story, give it a like or favourite! And I'll be seeing you guys in the next chapter, which will be in Scarlett White's POV!!!

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