The Unexpected

In the year 2028, a new, incurable harmful virus called 'The Osmosymbiosis' have speared around Earth. It cause humans unbearable, painful illness and turning them into a undead creature called netro, which they can turn other humans into them by biting. But soon they found a cure, or so as they thought, and tested it to 6 teenager who got the disease. But the result was very unexpected... It cure them, but it did something more to them. Make them less human and more... mutant with... supernatural powers. It came out a shock, especially to Scarlett White, who is one the teenager. But little does she know, it's only the beginning of The Unexpected...


3. Bitten...


Okay, I'm not sure if the word "freedom" describe the land I'm standing and looking at. 

When I exited the house, I quickly took off running like I never ran before. As I ran, I saw that the trees ahead of me are broken or burned and the grass looked dry and weak. The bushes I seen around the houses I passed by are brown instead of green. All of the houses I passed by are empty and quiet, some of the houses were not bother to be locked. The smell smelled awfully like smoke and I can hardly breath. There's lesser oxygen.... I thought sadly. As I looked up the sky, my face turned into a horrified expression. The sky was incredibly grey and no single clouds was moving across it. It seemed like the world had died out. Of what? I growled angrily. It's the Osmosymbiosis and the Netro's fault. Well, I guess the netro isn't really the fault. But the Osmosymbiosis... how did they been create? And why Earth? Many thoughts, statement and questions were running through my mind that I realised that I have been running into a place I've never seen before.

I looked around the usual place, there was no more houses ahead of me. Instead, there was... trees and grass that aren't dried and brown! What is there place? Even the smell started to smelled like real oxygen. And boy, that smell awesome. My eyes turned wide when I saw the smoke, coming from... somewhere. Is it a building? Or a factory? O-Or a secret lab?! 

​"Only one way to find out..." I whispered then shivered. I started to walked, and every time I walked to the smoke, the air started to thicken and became colder. But that didn't stopped my legs from moving...


After a long walk around the tricky trees and valiant vines, I finally saw where the smoke was coming from. From a huge fireplace, which was big as a dinning table. But what surprised me the most was that... there's house. A real, wooden house! 

The house looked old, black and burned. The windows are broken down and the door was smashed by something... or someone. I quickly took a step back. A part of me told myself that I should go back to my safe house. But there was also a small part of me, saying that I should go and explored the house. I looked at the gigantic fireplace, wondering why didn't it stop burning. And what was that loud noise that went Boom? One way to know, is to explored...

Then the small part of me started to grew bigger. Bigger until I felt my legs moving, heading to the broken house. My brain said to stop and turn but my heart said to walk ahead and heads up high. And, you know what they said, follow your heart! Hey, maybe I'll find something... like gold a-and diamonds! I laughed stupidly at myself, knowing it was impossible. But, a teeny tiny part of me hoped that there is...

When I opened the door, well technically, I went through it, I made a disgusted expression. The hallway looked so dark, even with the shattered window. As I nervously tipped toe, I saw a flashlight lying down on the wooden floor. I swallowed a huge gulp of saliva and slowly, I picked up the flashlight and tried to opened it... Yes, it worked! Now I could see! As I kept walking, I tried to think positive thoughts like I would be okay and nothing bad would happen.

I stopped walking when a opened door was stood in front of me. I tried to looked closer without moving, but all I could see was pitch darkness. With hesitation, I slowly shown the flashlight into the room. Then...

I screamed in horror. 

It was a body, which had been shot since there was a huge pile of blood on its stomach, lying down on the floor, lifeless. And I took a closer look, I screamed one more time. It isn't a human body, it was... a netro's body. 

The netro's skin was extremely dried and hard, their body look very thin, and it was bold. Its face was so creepy that it could give you nightmares. It have no eyeballs! And no teeth... but it was covered with... blood. I felt sweat started to travel down my forehead. But my eyes was quickly traveled down to its stomach, where it had been shot. Who shot them? A human? I quickly looked around to see if there was any netro that was coming right at me. But luckily, there was none. It seemed that it was the only netro that was around here.

​​Around here.

Oh my god.

I quickly stood up and was about to ran as fast as lighting when a dry, shaky hand strongly touched my leg. I let out the most loudest, horrified scream I had ever screamed. I tried to shake my leg for the arm to pulled away, but it didn't. Suddenly, a felt a massive pain on my leg, like I was bitten-


I turned and screamed one more when I saw who had hold my leg and bitten me. A FREAKIN NETRO! IT WASN'T DEAD!

The pain started to travel up my leg, to my body. It hurt so bad, like when you got hit by a baseball bat, but two times worse. But the pain didn't matter right now. Me surviving was way more important right now.

The netro had pulled away already, and now was trying to stand up. I was lying on the floor, looking around for any kind of weapon. 

My eyes lightened up when I saw my prize procession. A gun. That was probably what made the sound boom!

With all of my might, I moved across the floor and finally got hold of the gun. By now, the netro was standing and was swiftly moving towards me.

I let of a painful, and yet, brave scream as I aimed the gun at the netro and pulled the trigger. 

The netro suddenly backed away as I hit it in the stomach. It tried to stand but fell down quickly into the ground.

But that still didn't stopped me. I kept pulling the trigger, making the netro screamed. But the screamed stopped when I shot the 7th time. 

The netro was finally dead.

I dropped the gun to the ground letting it go back where I found it.

​The pain was still spreading, which worried me. What will happen next? Will I be okay? Of course I won't be okay, I'm going to turn into a FREAKIN NETRO! A quiet sob was now replaced by the anger and worried that was boiling inside me.

But it quickly replaced when I heard growls.


I need to go! I tried to stand up and finally can but it hurt so bad. Pain isn't the problem. A bunch of netro was the problem now! If I kept worrying about the pain, I will be eaten!

So without hesitation, I ran swiftly out of the door and the house. The corner of my eyes, I saw three netro running past the broken window, leading another 2 netro. My lord!

Help me!

Luckily, I have escaped and now was walking, more like struggling to walk, to my house. Worry crept up to my mind. What should I tell my parents? How will my parents reacted? I don't dared myself to look at my left leg, which was where the netro bitten me, knowing that it would looked awful. 

It was still hard to breath, but it was even more harder when I was in pain. I felt like I was going to faint, the pain was starting to come up to my hip... I had read a newspaper, saying that if the pain come up to the brain, you will have this massive pain in your brain, which means you're 75% of turning into a netro. I shivered in fear then cried. Why am I so stupid for entering the house? I knew I shouldn't trusted my heart! 

​Within 2 minutes, I was standing in front of my house. Pale, wooden house with a red roof. Dried trees and brown grass.

With a deep breath, I opened the door, finding a delicious looking feast in the dinning table. My mom was carrying a plate with mashed potato and smiled when she saw me. "Hey Scarlett, it's dinner time. Hey why are you sweating-" My mom said then stopped talking. With a terrified scream, she dropped the plate of mashed potato, sending it straight into the ground. 

"O-Oh my g-god, i-is that... the n-netro's bite?!" My mom stammered in shock, pointing her finger at my left leg. I slowly looked at my left leg and it seemed like my eyeball had fall out. There was mark of someone biting on my leg, but there was blood everywhere. And my veins started to spread out of it. 

I nodded then I cry as hard as I can. 

It seemed like everything was in fast motion now. My mom screamed one more time then cried. My dad quickly ran downstairs, asking what was wrong but gasped when he saw me and my left leg. Then my dad ran to the kitchen to get something while my mom was crying and screaming, demanding how did it happen. "You went outside, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?!" My mom shouted so loud everyone in the village could hear. My dad then came back, with a hospital needle and inside was a blue liquid. "Stay calm dear," My dad quietly ordered me, "This will make you fall asleep while we take you to the hospital. The governor have give us this, in case a incident, like this..."

"W-Will it hurt?" I asked. My dad shook his head. Carefully and quickly, he pressed the needle into my arm and released it. Instantly, my image started to became blurry and I felt dizzy. I felt a arm, which was carrying me outside. The last thing I saw what the grey, polluted sky. And wondering how did all this happened.

Then, I fell into a unconscious sleep...

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