The fear of forgetting or being forgotten about.
Keagan isn't your typical girl. She's been forgotten so many times. By friends, by family, by everyone. She doesn't speak, no one would listen anyway. But when she meets Five Seconds Of Summer will she find her voice? And maybe love?


1. Chapter One

Keagan Elizabeth May Reynolds:

A girl who has been forgotten so many times she's surprised she hasn't forgotten herself. AKA me. I don't talk, haven't since I was 13. I'm 18 now and I  am obsessed with One Direction and 5SOS, One Direction's opening act for their tour and now a big hit with the media. I have tickets to go see the concert, with my best friend Justice. She's the only one who hasn't forgotten me and left with no explanation why. As for more about me, because I'm sure you're absolutely dying to hear more about my boring life. To make this clear, my music taste is Green Day, Nirvana, stuff like that. I think the only actual pop band I like is One Direction to be honest. Their concert is tomorrow and I still have no idea what I'm going to wear. Granted, I'm a certified procrastinator who is used to having Justice swoop in and save my ass which is probably what she's going to do tomorrow by bringing an outfit for me to wear. Ah, the joys of having only one person in the world to count on. It makes it easier when you have one friend because they equal less drama. So, win win for me. Justice on the other hand, the fourth most popular girl at our-wait scratch that I dropped out-her school. I honestly don't know why she hangs out with me but either way I'm glad to have a friend like her. I'm going to sleep now so I can be awake at 10am when Justice comes banging on my front door so we can get ready and drive to the concert which is three hours away and get food before. I may be a procrastinator but Justice on the other hand is neat as a pin and knows every second of what she wants to do with her life. We make a good combination but now I should actually sleep or else Jess is going to dump cold water on my face to wake me up. It's happened before believe it or not.


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