Little Piece Of Shit || Rewrite

5 years. 5 years have passed. Here am I standing in front of him. He who never answer my call. Nor did he called me. Now here I am standing in front of him. Am I mad? Hell yeah. Is he going to notice that? Hell yeah. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


11. [9] Beach

Chapter 9: Beach 

I was in absolute shock why you may ask. The boys are going back to Sydney and they asked us to come along with them. 

"Sky? Sky? Sky? Sky?" Calum said while snapping his fingers in front of my face.

"Can you stop?" I asked when I was out of my shock. "Now that you replied I will," he spoke. Dick. "So you will go with us?" Michael asked. "Ariel already said yes," of course she did, Typical Ariel Marie Blake. 

"I will go," I said and I swear to god Calum looked hella excited. Wait does this mean I have to meet his parents I hope not. We are not even together and if I do meet them we are being introduced as 'friends' o shit if I see Michael parents again it will be hella awkward.

Apparently Michael say the fear on my face since he told me 'it's gonna be okay' like you know it gonna be. Know it all. I rolled my eyes at him and he just chuckled.

Luke picked me up like bridal style and walked toward the water and the result was me screaming and kicking my legs but also holding onto Luke since I don't wanna break my ass. 

Luke walked into the water and stopped when the water reached his waist. "Don't you dare do it." "To bad," he replied and threw me into the water. When I got my head above the water I glared at Luke. "Not gonna work bubby." "Did you just call me bubby?" "Yeah why bubby?" "You are so weird. I still can't believe you got me wet." I said crossing my arms. 

I walked towards the beach not seconds later Luke catches up to me. "So you and Cal huh?" "What about us?" "He likes you." The words slapped me right into my face I stopped walking and a bright smile appeared on my face. "I see you feel the same." "Honestly I do." "Good don't be afraid to go after him." "The thing is Luke he lives in Australia I live in Boston, long relationships don't work." "You will never know unless you try." He said before he started to walk again. Leaving me there to take in his words.

Will it be worth it? Does Calum want a long distance relationship? Does he even want to be with me? Do I want to be with him? I guess Luke is right I shouldn't be afraid to go after somethings I want and I want Calum. 

When I reached our spot I shook me head getting Calum wet. He was laying on his back peacefully with his eyes closed. "What the hell?" "Oops sorry." I said with my best innocent look which isn't good far from good even. "You are going to regret that." He said getting up I started running and when Calum realized that I was already gone he sprinted after me. To bad that I do track so fuck you Calum you can't catch me. After a while he stopped to catch his breath. 

I ran to him biggest mistake. He captured me in his embrace. "Got ya." He told me and gave me a kiss on my forehead. "Calum that will not do." He looked at me confused so I leaned in and my lips brushed his. He got the hint and pulled me closet to him if that was even possible. 

We were moving in sync and things got heated pretty fast, his hands traveled from my waist to my butt and he grabbed them. I took this moment to jump and my legs moved around his waist. When finally pulled away when we were out of breath. His lips looked swollen my are probably to. 

I smiled at him and untangled my legs from his waist getting my feet on the steady ground again. "I like you a lot." I told him. He smiled at me. "Good cause I like you a lot to, gorgeous." I blushed slightly at his compliment. 

"When are we leaving?" I could see the worry flashing trough his eyes. "Why do you want to leave? Did I do something?" "I meant when are we going to Syndey?" "Oh that." "Yes that." "Our plane leave at noon." "What time are we going to arrive?" "Around 5 am." "What?" I asked in disbelief. Calum just laughed at me. Dick. 

I smack his arm. "That hurts." He said rubbing his arm. "You know what they say karma is a bitch." "Ha ha very funny." "You don't believe in karma?" "I don't, I presume you do." "As a matter of fact I do. Although it doesn't stop me from doing all kinds of thing. "What kind of things?" "Bad things." I said and I gave Calum a wink. 

"Don't do that." "Do what?" "That." "I don't know what you are talking about." I said and I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. I pulled away and interlocked our fingers together and we walked to our spot only to see Michael and Ari making out. "Get a room." I told them, they pulled away and Ari's face went red not like pink res but like tomato red. I burst out of laughter only to be looked at like I was a fool, which I am by the way.

But if you say it to my face I will punch you right in the face. I will be like mad women, kicking your ass.

"Skylar Loren Jamerson." O shit it's about to go down. "Stop it." She hissed. Which made me only laugh harder. "Why is she laughing I heard Luke ask Ari. Calum looked confused along with Luke. Michael looked rather plain not interested in it probably cause he knows my weirdness and Ashton was giggling along me except he looked cute and I looked like a retorted seal. You know the one who claps and stuff.

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