Little Piece Of Shit || Rewrite

5 years. 5 years have passed. Here am I standing in front of him. He who never answer my call. Nor did he called me. Now here I am standing in front of him. Am I mad? Hell yeah. Is he going to notice that? Hell yeah. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


8. [6] Calum

Chapter 6: Calum

We ended up not going to Universal Studios after all. The boys had to go to soundcheck for their last show before their break. Me and Ari were going with them. They played some songs, talked a bit. Calum and Michael flirted with us, they tried.

"So we talked about me and Michael what about you and Calum? You were wearing his shirt." "That was because I wasn't wearing any pants nor did I wear a shirt." "Really, that's all?" She said raising her brow. "Yes?" I said but I came out like a question. "Skylar!" She warned me. "What?" I asked. "Skylar Loren Jamerson, what are you hiding?" "Nothing." I replied shortly. She glared at me knowing I would give up. I sighed in defeat. "Fine, Calum asked me out." 

She squealed. "Omg Sky, when? Where is he taking you? What are going to wear? What about your makeup? I am doing your hair, wait no I am doing everything. Everything has to be perfect. Omg maybe he is going for a picnic and then he takes a guitar with him and he sings his undeniable love for you. That would be so perfect." She rambled. 

Honestly I stopped listening after the first sentence. "Skylar, are you even listening?" She asked me while giving me a little push. "Nope." I said popping the P. "Skylar!" She warned. "Like you listen to me when I ramble." "As a matter of fact I do." "Ariel, we proved it that you don't listen to me when I ramble." "When?" "In the car, few days ago." Her mouth made a O shape. "Exactly." 

Ari went on and on, much to my relief Calum rescued me. "Calum." I shrieked and I jumped on his back. We went outside to the tourbus and before we got the boys took some pictures with them and stuff. At first I was still on his back but when he started taking pictures with them I got off. He didn't told me to but I did it anyways.

Me and Ari just stood there talking to each other. "I am craving ice cream." I told Ari. "Then let's get some ice cream." I nodded and I walked over to Calum. "Were going to get some ice cream." He was giving someone his autograph but he turned to me. "Can you get me mint chocolate chip?" He asked me. I nodded and before I could walk away he pecked my lips, leaving me absolutely shocked. He smirked at me. 

The fans on the other hand reacted quite different. "Is she your girlfriend?" "She isn't that pretty." "You guys are so cute." "What the actual fuck." Thing like that. Cons of dating/ starting to date a celebrity. Got to live with it.

I walked away in some kind of trance. Stupid Calum Thomas Hood. Ari told me his full name, hell I didn't even know his last name. When she rambled about our date I didn't listen but when she rambled about fact I did listen. 

"I saw that." Ari commented. I didn't respond. "Let's go." She said laughing before she dragged me with her.

When we arrived at the ice cream store, we ordered our ice cream and decided to get Calum's later which is by the time he gets it already melted but we are still getting it. I ordered just plain vanilla and Ari had mango. 

We sat down and she started gushing about me and Calum's first kiss. "That was so cute." She commented. "What?" "That little peck." "Oh that." "What's with the long face, Sky?" "I thought it would be more romantic, not in front of the fans and not a peck." "You expected more." "It's not that I expected more it's just I didn't expect it like that. You know?" "I get it." "I am not that girl who is all kinds of romantic stuff but I didn't think it would be like this." 

"So how was it?" She asked obviously amused. "It was good for an one second kind of kiss." "Did you feel any butterflies?" She asked dead ass serious. I don't know if you could that but we aren't that kind of girl who are all mushy and stuff but often we like some romance. 

"I don't believe in romance but I definitely felt a connection." "You guys would be so cute, I want to have the kids named after me. What about Amelia Ariel Hood." "Ari, be realistic." "Wait, what? Why don't you want your children names after me?" She said sad.

"Ariel, I meant me marrying Calum. Not the kids part." "Yesss." She said. "I have to start thinking about the names because Sky your getting old." "I am 19." "19 years to old." "You are impossible." I said before eating my ice cream which was slightly melted. When we finished ours we ordered Calum's to go and we headed back.

We got on the tour bus only to see the boys gaming. I sat on Calum's lap who was currently not playing and gave him his mint chocolate chip. "Thanks." He said and gave me a kiss on the cheeks which caused me to giggle like a teenage girl. He smiled at me before eating it. 

He moaned at the taste from the ice although it was melted. "It's melted." I said. "It's heaven." He replied with a mouth full. "Can I play?" I asked in general. "Here." Luke said handing me the controller. "Don't lose." He added. We lucky for him we won cause I am boss at FIFA. I always defeated Michael when we were younger. "Nice." Luke said before giving me a high five. I stood up and did my old victory dance. After Michael stopped talking to me and I met Ariel I created a new victory dance.

Ashton, Luke and Calum were looking at me weirdly. I didn't respond I was still busy. "Give her a moment." Ari said at the same time Michael said: "This is going to take a moment." The boys just shrugged it off.

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