Little Piece Of Shit || Rewrite

5 years. 5 years have passed. Here am I standing in front of him. He who never answer my call. Nor did he called me. Now here I am standing in front of him. Am I mad? Hell yeah. Is he going to notice that? Hell yeah. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


5. [3] Wanna Do The Nasty?

Chapter 3: Wanna do the nasty?

I woke up cause someone *mentally glares at Ariel* decided to wake me up. At least she had food, not made by her. God no, never again. "Happy birthday day babe." She said and she winked at me. Yep bitches you heard it right it's my birthday. How old I am you asked. 19 freaking 19. 

He face crunches up from disgust. "Why do you wear that thing?" She asked me. I looked down at what I was wearing. I was wearing my Harvard University shirt. "Cause it's comfy." "You just want to show off that you go to Harvard. Know it all." "You also go to Harvard, you idiot." "Whatever you are such a little piece of shit."

Yep you heard it we go to Harvard such smart pants are we. But we don't have the same classes she does law and I do medicine but we do live together. It was all kinda coincidence that we wanted and got accepted to the same college. Sometimes life is to good to be true don't ya think?

However she was wearing her 5 seconds of summer shirt. Typical Ariel Marie Blake. She is such a stan. She even writes fanfiction about them. Like what the fuck who does that. 

You know that 5 seconds of summer is only a phase with her. She has these phases that she is obsessed with someone. Some stick and I am not allowed to call it a phase but some doesn't. She hate it when I call them a phase. Ari has never written or read a fanfiction from any of her phases nor the ones that stick. Can you imagine my surprise.

When she met Michael I was surprised that she didn't go all fangirl on him. Like screaming and stuff. I like my celebrities but I won't go all fangirl on them. Talk to them, not scream and all. It's just weird imagine people screaming at you. And then later in the restaurant when the others were there to. Although her freaking out would be awesome to see. I am such a bad friend.

"Eat!" She ordered. I took a bite from the pancake. I moaned it was so delicious I never tasted a pancake this good. "This is so good." I said with my mouth full. "Gross, I could see the food in your mouth." She said after she made a face of disgust. I stoke my tongue out to her so that she could see the food in my mouth. "You're disgusting." She said.

Ari was already out of my room. I quickly undressed myself and got dressed. I was wearing my black Nike shirt with a matching Nike hat. The logo was small and on the side. My black Nikes to along with it and for pants denim shorts. I walked out of my room only to see Ari dressed and ready to go.

Ari on the other hand was wearing a thight black skirt that went over her fat ass. Just kidding she doesn't have a fat ass. With a black crop top and some black flats. (I suck at describing) 

We decided we go sightseeing today and tomorrow we would go to Disneyland. And Thursday we are going to Universal Studios. 

"You look hot." I said. She looked at me with a 'I know right' face. We were not kidding Ari is gorgeous if she was into girls I would turn lesbian for her. She is so gorgeous, sometimes girls come up to her and ask her out. Sometimes she says yes, if the girl is really pretty but I know for a fact she likes guys to much to be lesbian. But is she is I wouldn't mind. Hell I would be that friend that always tries to set people up. 

"What are thinking about?" "About your sexuality." I said honestly. She laughs. "Why would you think about that?" "How am I supposed to know?" "Maybe cause it's your mind not mine." 

"Wanna do the nasty?" I asked wiggling me eyebrows. "No thank you that would make this between us awkward." "What if I was just some girl at some local bar and I was drunk and I asked you?" "I would." She said. A wide grin spread on my face. I raised my fist in the air like I just won at life. Which I did. "Yess." I said and did my victory dance. 

"You are so weird." She said. I pouted. "I thought I was your little piece of shit." "You are    mine little piece of shit." She said emphasizing mine. "Ich liebe dich." I said to her. (I love you) 
"Ich habe meinen Hausaufgaben nicht gemacht." She said. (I didn't make my homework) "That is just random." I stated. "Well, you said ich liebe dich so I said ich habe meinen Hausaufgaben nicht gemacht. Which also doesn't make any sense." 

"Ya weird as fuck you know that right." "First you want to have sex with me and now you think I am weird." "You need to get laid seriously Ari I am not kidding. I am dead ass serious." "I can't take you serious when you say and I quote 'dead ass serious'" "I hate you." "Dick." She muttered. "You just wish you can hop on one." I said and we both bursted out of laughter. 

When we calmed down Ariel spoke up. "That is why you're my best friend." "Tonight we are going clubbing and we are not leaving until we have some dick to hop on." I said and we started laughing again. We left our hotel room laughing. 

Didn't I tell you that we are awesome. DO & JB adventures. "O my god Ari they should make a tv show of us. And we are going to name it DO & JB adventures." "Holy shit Sky you are a genius." "Let's get a tattoo." I said. "A matching one." Ari added. "We are definitely doing that." I said.

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