Little Piece Of Shit || Rewrite

5 years. 5 years have passed. Here am I standing in front of him. He who never answer my call. Nor did he called me. Now here I am standing in front of him. Am I mad? Hell yeah. Is he going to notice that? Hell yeah. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


13. [11] This Is Our Goodbye

Chapter 11: This Is Our Goodbye

"Sky, you look absolutely beautiful." Calum told me and I blushed slightly. "You clean up pretty well too, handsome." I said and I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. 

We pulled away cause Ari decided to clear her throat. Dick. "Let's get going." I said.

"Use protection." Ari called after me and I glared at her.

Calum led the way by his hand on my lower back. 

"Resevation for Hood, Calum Hood." Calum told the waitress. "Right this way." She said amd she led the way to our table. We sat down and she handed us the menus. "Can I get you anything to drink?" I looked at the menu and decided to go for a sprite. "I will have the sprite." I told her and she wrote it down. "And for you sir?" "I will have a coke." "Coming right away." She told us before walking away.

"Sky?" "Yes." "I know it soon but I really like you and you are leaving in two days so will you be my girlfriend?" He rambled.

A smile appeared on my face. "Yes, I will be your girlfriend." I answered he lets out a sigh of relief. "Did I tell you are beautiful." "Yes, but I don't mind." "Good cause you look beautiful."

~ 2 days later ~

This is it, this is the moment me and Ari are leaving. Back to Boston to attend our classes. "Flight 432 to Boston is now boarding." The woman's voice said trough speakers. This is our good bye. 

The last two days were amazing we went sightseeing and to the beach. Me and Calum are dating and Michael and Ari are too. The part of it all are the goodbyes I always hated those.

I turned to the boys and they were tearing up a bit. First goodbye to Michael. "I promise I will keep in touch this time." He said. I hugged him and he hugged me so tightly I couldn't breath. When he pulled back he told me he was sorry for squashing me. "Sorry." "I am going to miss you." "I am going to miss you too." 

"Take care of yourself Hemmings." I said before hugging him. "Don't get in to much trouble." "Me never." Obviously sarcastic. "O Sky I know the stories I know what you are capable of and beside that I have seen you." He said. "Don't hate to much on your band." He laughed and pulled back.

Just when I was done hugging Luke, Ashton jumped me. Literally he jumped on me and we fell. Laughing our asses of we stood back up and this time I was the one who attacked him. I am going to miss his happy giggles. "Sky I can't breathe." He told me. "Sorry, I guess I spaced out." I said honestly. 

Calum. The one I didn't want to say goodbye to. I wanted to stay here with him. I pulled him closer. He kissed me gently and after a moment he stopped moving. "I love you." He said smiling against my lips. "I love you too." I said now also smiling but that didn't last long since when went into full make out mode. Only to be interrupted by a throat being cleared and that person happened to be Michael. 

We went for a group hugged and then we went grabbed our suitcases and walked to our destination. I glanced back at them and Calum blew me a kiss.

It was only two weeks but with them it was the best vacation I ever had. Meeting Calum. Befriending Ashton and Luke, seeing Michael again. Never did I thought that my vacation gonna end like this. 

There is this part of me that is going to wonder if we do stay in touch though. Michael promised but he also promised me when we were younger. He has changed so did I, history doesn't have to repeat it self, right? Please tell me that I am not going insane. Cause if I do Ari is going to kick my sorry ass and I happen to like my ass very much.

I just have to prepare for the worst so if they don't keep their promises that I won't be disappointed but if they do I will be so happy. 

Trust is the key to everything. Friendship Love even Family and Michael is like a my big brother the one I never had.



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