Little Piece Of Shit || Rewrite

5 years. 5 years have passed. Here am I standing in front of him. He who never answer my call. Nor did he called me. Now here I am standing in front of him. Am I mad? Hell yeah. Is he going to notice that? Hell yeah. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


12. [10] The Fast And The Furious

Chapter 10: The Fast And The Furious 

When we got there we were so tired since we didn't sleep the whole flight I mean we often took a nap but we kept each other awake the whole time. So when we got there and by there I mean my and Ari's hotel room. We all fell asleep at one point.

So now here we are awake and hyper at 1am so because we can't sleep we are going to do an all nighter. We ordered pizza and we are having a movie marathon starting off with The Fast And Furious Series.

We were in front of the couch with our sheets around us. Calum sat next to me with his arm wrapped around me. My head on his shoulder while we were watching the first part.

After a while our pizza arrived, someone has to get up. "JB." I said quickly. Ari followed quickly after. "DO." We smirked. "You see this is how it works, if it's was just the two of us. Whoever said it first doesn't have to do it whatever it is." I explained.

"HG." BI." "DC." "SG." The boys yell. "Luke you were last get the pizza." I told him and he got up. "You have to say something meaningful like JB stands for Justin Bieber and DO stands for Dylan O'Brien. We also could have done DOB but that is just weird." "And this isn't." Michael said. "It isn't." Ari defended. "Yours didn't even make sense." "Yes it did." Michael argued. "Tell me." "It's stands for e-eh  Doutzen Kroes." "That's with a K and from all the names you choose a Victoria Secret model. Are U kidding me." Ari said and she looked the other way. I grinned since I know Ari isn't mad, she just likes to tease.

"Hey." I exclaimed. Luke, Ashton and Calum were already eating the pizza. "Dude not cool." Michael said. Eating MY goddamn pizza. I smacked Luke, Ashton and Calum's hand. That will learn them a lesson. "The hell, why would you do that?" Ashton asked. "You started on the pizza without me." I said. "Don't come in between Sky and her pizza." Michael told them. "That's right." Ari added. 

"Mine." I said.


"Wake up Sky." I heard Ari say. I groaned why does she have to wake me up every time. "I hate you so much." "It's 12 if we sleep any longer I don't think we can sleep tonight.

"Where are the boys?" "They left an hour ago, to see their families." "Oh." "Now come on get dressed." "What are we doing?" "To the boys."  "Okay." 

So I walked towards the bathroom, undressed myself and got in the shower. When I was all dried of I applied me make up. Today I was going for some mascara along with some blush. 

As for clothes I went for black skinny jeans with a white t-shirt on top of it and my white flats and a black bomber jack.

I walked to the room where the tv and the couch was and I sat down on the couch waiting for Ari. "Do you want some food?" "What do we have?" "Catch." I did what I was told and I catches it. It was an apple. I took a bite and looked at Ari's clothes. She was waring pretty much the same except her shirt was army green and so were here shoes.  

"Let's go." "How are we going to get there?" "I called a cab." "Alright let's go." "I can't believe we are going back to Boston so soon." "I know right."

We got into our cab and told the driver the address. Well Ari told him. "Have you seen that picture Alison posted?" Ari asked me. "O my god I have seen that picture. He is cute though but at the end of the week he is gone." "I feel sorry for those guys actually." 

"Alex texted me and told me he broke up with Xavier." "O my god he did, why didn't he tell me?" "Must have slipped his mind, apparently Xavier cheated on him with some guy he met in the Houl." "Alex was way too good for Xavier. I never liked him anyways." "He was always trying to cause trouble between us." "He must feel heartbroken." "He sent me a picture of him and this dude." "I guess he got a rebound." She told me and we burst out of laughter.

"Here we are, that will be 27." "Here." I told him and I handed him his money. We walked to the front door and rang the bell. Michael's mum opened the door. "Skylar is that you?" I smiled. "You have grown into a beautiful young lady?" "What are you doing here?" "Michael invited us." I told her. "He did? I didn't know he contacted you." "We came bumbed into each other last week." "Well I am glad. Come in." "Thank you Karen." I said and we entered the house.

"They are in the basement." Karen told us. "I am sure you still know where it is." I nodded and walked to the basement. To find the boys playing FIFA except Ashton. "Hey." "Hey." They all said in unison."

"Well this is boring." I commented. "Spoiled." "You're one the say Michael." "Whatever."

After a while Karen came in. "Let's have dinner tonight." "Like all of us?" Michael asked. "Yes." "I think it's fine what about you?" Michael asked me and Ari. I looked at Ari. "We would love to." "Good I will get started." "Do you need us to help?" "That's not necessary but that you for offering. You are such a sweet girl." She told me and smiled at me before leaving. 

"Do you need us to help?" Michael mocked me. "Shut up Clifford." "Right back at you Jamerson." "Dick." I muttered.

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