Little Piece Of Shit || Rewrite

5 years. 5 years have passed. Here am I standing in front of him. He who never answer my call. Nor did he called me. Now here I am standing in front of him. Am I mad? Hell yeah. Is he going to notice that? Hell yeah. Gloxxifi 2016. All Rights Reserved. All Content.


2. [1] Ariel's Cooking Skills

A/N So here is the first chapter of the rewitten version from Little Piece Of Shit. May I remind you that this story contains a different storyline that the original which I deleted. Some events are the same and some are completely different or they will not happen. Like ever. I ruined the original so here is a rewrite. Hope you enjoy the first chapter and the rest of the story. Xx


Chapter 1: Ariel's cookings skills

"Skylar, can you just get up already?" "I don't want to!" I said stubbornly. "You know Sky I love you and all but you got to give so some credit. I mean I have to put up with your morning mood, which is absolutely horrible. I swear to got Sky every morning I just want to kill you so bad." 

"Well jeesh thanks for that." I muttered unfortunately she heard it. Ariel glared at me. I almost pied my undergarments. Ari has the most terrifying glare you have ever seen. One of the reason why I don't piss her of. Much. 

"Are you getting up?" She asked rather annoyed. "Yes." So I got out of my bed and I gather some of my stuff and I walked towards the bathroom. I undressed myself and got into the shower. I love showering; feeling the warm or cold water (Hehehe Justin Bieber) flowing down my body. The feeling it's just relaxing, it truly calms me down. I was enjoying my shower when Ari had to mess it all up.

"Hurry up!" She shouted. So I stepped out of the shower. Dried myself off with a towel and got dressed. You don't mess with Ariel Marie Blake. Trust me. I got out of the bathroom and brushed my hair. Then I did my make-up. I didn't want to do a full make-up look so I went with something more natural. I putted on some foundation with some blush to make my cheeks more pink. Next I did a winged eyeliner and added some mascara and last but not least some liquid lipstick nude colored of course. 

I walked into the kitchen from our hotelroom. When I walked in Ariel made breakfast. I raised my eyebrow. "You made breakfast?" "As a matter of fact I did. Here." She said and she gave me a plate. I saw some eggs and toast. I carefully tasted the eggs and it tasted horrible. 

I spit it out on the plate. She also handed me some orange juice with the plate. I quickly drank all the orange juice to reduce the awful taste of the eggs. "Ari please do us all a favor never cook again." "What do you mean I can cook." She said and she took a bite of the eggs. You could see the disgust from her face. She spitted it out. "Okay, I admit it I can't cook." She said and I laughed. "Shut up we will get some breakfast in the city. First day of Los Angeles, I am so excited. You ready?" I nodded and I grabbed my bag. We left our hotelroom and we went to the garage to our rented car. "I drive." Ari said. We got in the car and she immediately turned up the radio. 

It was peacefully quiet in the car until Ariel started to scream.  "I wanna breathe you in like your vapor. I want to be the one you remember. I want to feel your love like the weather. All over me, all over me. I want to print our hands in the pavement. Savour your words, I won't ever waste them. Look in your eyes and know just what you miss. So lie to me, just lie to me." 

Which scared the shit out of me. I jumped a little. "Jeesh Ari, what the hell was that." "That was Vapor." "What?" "V A P O R." She pronounced it like an idiot so that I could read her mouth. "I heard you, you idiot." "It's not my fault you don't know vapor." "Who the hell is vapor?" I asked. She burst out of laughter. "Vapor song. 5 seconds of summer." She said between her laughter. "What?" When she calmed down she answered me. "Vapor is the name of the song, 5 seconds of summer is the band." She explained to me. 

"You're an idiot." "Whatever dick." She shot back. I shook my head at her. "You know Sky, you are a little piece of shit." "I love you to." "Same." "So you admit it you're in love with me." "I am not." She defended. "I love you but I am most surely not in love with you. My heart belongs to 5 seconds of summer." She said. 

When we parked we went to starbucks to get some breakfast and by breakfast I mean coffee and a muffin. Healthy right. Yes. We already ordered and ate the muffin so when we walked out I bumped into someone. I spilled coffee all over her/his shirt. When I looked up I saw a boy with bright red hair. "Sorry about your shirt." I apologized. He looked so familiar. It was on the tip oof my tongue. "It's fine." He said and he walked away probably to order that was when it hot me. Australian accent familiar looks. It was Michael Clifford my childhood best friend. When I moved away we called at first but later he never answered nor did he call me back. Dick. 

I don't know where Ari went. I looked around and saw her with that boy, I spilled my precious coffee over. My poor coffee. I walked over to them. "So are you going to the show tonight?" Michael asked. "Unfortunately not, the tickets were already sold out when we decided that we wanted to go here." "And the fact that I probably don't want to go." I said smiling. "Coffee girl." He said. Coffee girl, really was that the best he could come up with. He clearly lacks creativity. 

"Don't mind her, she had a rough childhood." "I didn't have a rough childhood." "Your childhood best friend ignored you." "I am starting to regret that I ever told you that." Michael chuckled. I glared at him. "Skylar don't act so rude." "I am aloud to act rude to him." I said directing at him. He who broke my heart when he started to ignore me. I never got an explanation, one day he never answered my call, he also didn't call me back. He who caused abandonment issues. He broke my heart.

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