To the Past I Know

There's a lot to say in this limited time called our life span. There's a lot of words that have yet to be said. To all the people I know, I'd always have inner thoughts that I'd like you to know and you should probably one day know. There will never be enough time for me to say this, if I even dare tell you this directly. In this limited time, let this be a piece of me for you.


3. To the athletic leader of the club

You saw me after one of my worst breakdowns. I remember you staring at my red eyes, my obviously tear stained cheeks, you could tell I had been crying and you were thrown off. You skipped the superficial "are you okay" and headed straight to comforting me. You knew I hadn't been selected into the club committee and deduced the reason why I had been so upset. You too had failed to meet the criteria years before. It was then that I knew how you felt. The utter rejection and feeling of failure had been oh too real for you too. It probably wasn't too bad for you, you were the popular kid in your year and you had other leadership posts and mostly, your seniors weren't rooting on you as they did for me.

My batch looked up to you. You were someone they wanted to be one day, someone they hoped to be. Someone they worked to become. You were rather close to us. I remember you for being one of the only seniors who talked to or even bothered about the youngest members of the club. You cared about us, a small effort that meant a lot. That, I felt, was the quality of a good leader. I remember when the next year came round and wind passed that you weren't in the committee. I have to admit, none of us expected that either.

You were one person, literally jack of all trades but definitely not a master of none. You could do sports, you were in higher math, you brought back an astronomy award more than once. You were your class chairperson and you brought your class to win the netball carnival.

You taught me, through unspoken words, through eyes with knowledge and experience, that even in the hardest time, we have to rise back up. Thank you, for  teaching me so much with so little words.

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