Harry potter truth or dare extreme

Hi my name is Lola I went to the harry potter studios in London and noticed that there was a few of the harry potter character there and chose to capture them and play a game of thruth or dare


11. The weird round

I went downstairs with a card in my hand it had been weeks since I had gotten a dare I read it as I went downstaris and opened the basment door everyone was a sleep so i had to shout just to wake them up "HEY I JUST GOT A DARE AND THIS IS A GOOD ONE"  everyone woke up finally "so what are the dare?" asked Fred or George who can really tell them apart (in this fanfiction George has both ears) "This involes Hagrid, Snape, McGongal, Dumbledore, Harry, and your beloved sister Ginny." I smiled "So the dares are for Harry and Ginny to have ten minutes of heaven and for Dumbledore and McGongal to make out while Hagrid and Snape look at them" after I said that I made 2 rooms apper one for Harry and Ginny and one for the four of them I shoved Harry and Ginny into one and shoved the four of them into another one "No privacy for the four of you" we heard Dumbledore and McGongal making out and Hagrid and Sanpe make comments after ten minutes we made both of them come out and so far I am too lazy right now to right anything else so good bye 

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