Harry potter truth or dare extreme

Hi my name is Lola I went to the harry potter studios in London and noticed that there was a few of the harry potter character there and chose to capture them and play a game of thruth or dare


4. first round of thurth or dare

Harry woke the last thing he could remember was that he in bed in the common room but instead he was in a basement with the others the door opened behind him and a strange girl came out " oh harry you woke up just wait while I wake the other up." with that she went around and started waking the other up " I am sorry if I am rude but what is your name?" harry asked not trying to sound rude " my name is Lola and I brought you here so we could play thurth or dare" "why couldn't you just ask us?" asked harry " because you were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you up and the others are now waking up sorry but I have to go and explain to the others" and with that Lola left to explain to the others what they were doing here and after she finished she left after she left people started asking each other how they got here and where their wands went

Sorry about the first chapter if it was too short for you it's just that this is my story but hope you liked it:)

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