Define Reality (Sword Art Online)

*This blurb is written in 1st Person, but the book is written in 3rd*

After the first Sword Art Online, the government did everything to wipe the event from the minds of, well, everyone. Decades passed, and mostly everyone forgot it.

But not all.

A group of people recreated Sword art Online. It was a hit. However, they secretly added in the glitch.

The log out button disappeared, and people all over the world are dying in the game and in real life.

My name is Bellantti Xastre. I am stuck in the second Sword Art Online.


2. A New World

"Wait, so it was true?" Bellantti gasped. "This really did happen before? The protest groups were speaking the truth?" Bellantti panicked. She searched frantically for the log out button, but it was no where in sight.

The whole population stood around her in the Level Square. They were put under a forced teleportation.

The dome above them turned red, and a sticky substance started dripping towards the crowds. Bellantti hoped it wasn't blood. Screams erupted, and chaos spread. People scrambled to escape.

A shadowy figure flew up. He was so large that he took up half the dome. "Hello, citizens!" A dull, booming voice announced. "You probably have noticed the disappearance of your log out button, I presume?"


"We are going to remake history! The second Sword Art Online! And this time, your precious Kirito cannot save you!"


"The government took so much time trying to wipe your minds of that event, now, did they? Well let's force it back. You die in this world," the figure pointed his fingers at the crowd. "You die in reality. Good luck in this new world!"

Wails. Cries. More screams.

The cloaked figure dissipated into thin air. Bellantti was returned to what she was doing before the teleportation, however, she noticed her hair was black, when before, it was sunset red.

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