Define Reality (Sword Art Online)

*This blurb is written in 1st Person, but the book is written in 3rd*

After the first Sword Art Online, the government did everything to wipe the event from the minds of, well, everyone. Decades passed, and mostly everyone forgot it.

But not all.

A group of people recreated Sword art Online. It was a hit. However, they secretly added in the glitch.

The log out button disappeared, and people all over the world are dying in the game and in real life.

My name is Bellantti Xastre. I am stuck in the second Sword Art Online.


1. Don't Forget

"Bellantti," Father said, nudging an auburn wisp of hair away from his daughter's face. "Please, don't go." He stepped back.

"It's just a game, Father," Bellantti answered. "What could go wrong?"

Father closed his eyes. "Multiple things," he said. "I read once of something just like this," he mumbled.

"Father, don't trust that boycott group. They're just stirring up trouble. It's nonsense."

Father nodded. "Just promise you will come back." He sighed in complete resignation.

Bellantti smiled and picked up the headset. "Sure!" She could already imagine her character. She wanted to have hair the color of the sunset. She wanted her eyes to be pools of deep blue.

"Don't forget your promise," Father said. He had complete trust in his daughter.

Don't forget.

He watched as Bellantti placed the headset on her skull and closed her eyes. He sighed again and said, "It's time,"

He pulled out a red button and pressed it, watching as history repeated itself, and the logout option disappeared all over Sword Art Online.

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