Mackenzie Carter is an average 15 year old girl who's life gets turned around after she finds out that she has to move to Florida with her grandmother and leave her dancing legacy of captain for 2 years straight behind. Her family reassures her that she could always continue the legacy at her new school but when she meets head to head with the schools dance captain things start to change and get heated. |I DO NOT OWN ANY IMAGES|


1. Intro


My name is Mackenzie Eva Carter but people call me Mack, Kenzie, or Kenz. I'm 5'4 , I weigh 125 pounds, and I'm 15.

I have thick black hair that stops at my hips and dark caramel skin that compliments my hazelnut brown eyes.

I live with my grandma and my brother in Florida, my mom died in a car accident and I never knew my dad so we moved down here from California.

I have one bestfriend named Brooklyn, she's my sister, twin, day one, ride or die, partner in crime, you get it 😂...she lives in Cali but we talk to each other everyday 😛.

My brother is Cameron , he's 22, works at a fast food restaurant and a major sneakerhead.

Schools coming up and I'm pretty nervous..I'm trying up for dance captain though. It's my dream to become a dancer and I sign up for captain every year and always make it, that way I'll have it on my records for when I go to college 😍👏🏽☺️.

A/N: I'm multi tasking with two books☺️❤️...this one and 'Journey' so yeah stay tuned..

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