Mackenzie Carter is an average 15 year old girl who's life gets turned around after she finds out that she has to move to Florida with her grandmother and leave her dancing legacy of captain for 2 years straight behind. Her family reassures her that she could always continue the legacy at her new school but when she meets head to head with the schools dance captain things start to change and get heated. |I DO NOT OWN ANY IMAGES|


7. Chapter 5


  School Schedule  

1st Period: Algebra 2

2nd Period: World History

3rd Period: American Lit. 

4th Period: Advanced Chemistry

Lunch :You may leave campus

5th Period: Band 

6th Period: Dance 

I viewed my schedule and all the clsses I was terrible at were the classes I was scheduled to take. I hadn't even taken a look at my electives. Band?! I am a dancer, not a musician.    I walked to the main school building  no site of Chasity at all so I remained quiet and to myself looking down at my phone every now and then to hide the fact I was the quiet new girl. I passed by a few classrooms reading the labels trying to find my Algebra 2 Class.

15 minutes passed the hallways began to clear up with a few people walking back and forth with friends. Still, I was the lonely lost new girl who knew nothing about the school not even where her 1st class was.   

I decided to stand by the lockers to maybe wish for schoolside assistance. I looked down on the black screen of my phone to hide the desperation. 

"Umm, your leaning on my locker", a tall light pinkish skinned boy with curly  dark brown hair that stopped at his neck said.    "Oh, umm sorry I...I will leave", I said embarraseds

"I mean, you can stay but I just need to open it", He said looking his hazel brown and green eyes into my hazelnut brown one's.   "I am actually supposed to be in class right now", I say itching my head. 

"Oh..ditching on the first day pretty rad huh", He said opening his locker door admiring his freckles in the mirror that was provided.    "No, I'm new and I'm supposed to be in first period right now. But..I see all my classrooms except Algebra 2", I say sighing.   

He laughs so much at that remark which makes me angry because there is nothing funny about what I just said.    "Your joking right?! Algebra 2 is on the other side of campus", he said shutting his locker.  

"Great! More walking", I said putting my phone into my backpack.   

"I could drive you there you know. My car is parked out front, it would only take about 2 minutes..Im normally always late for class. The teachers know me.. for you, walking would take you about 15 minutes", He said getting a grip unto the two textbooks he had in his hand.  

"I'm not about to get into the car with you, I don't even know you..for all I know you could kidnap me", I say making the weirdest facial expressions ever.   

"Okay, my name is Thomas.. I'm 16.. I play football here and you obviously knew where the Algebra 2 room was and WANTED a ride", he said pulling out the map I had tucked into the side pouch of my bookbag. Being honest, I totally forgot about that!   

"I forgot I had it", I simply said.   "So your riding or not?!", He asked getting impatient looking at his phone.   I looked around the empty halls, no sign of Chasity, or anyone to help me.   "Ugh..just hurry up", I regretted the moment so much.    "Follow me", he said as he walked towards the main entrance and out of the door.    He reached for his keys in his pockets and clicked the unlock button on his keychain control I really don't know what its called.  

There a shiny all black '2016 Land Rover' lit up and beeped twice unlocking the car door.    "Are you gonna sit and stare or get to class?!", He asked getting in.   Without saying a word I got into the car and buckled my seat belt.   

"There's literally no need for that but go ahead", he said putting his car in reverse and backing out of the parking lot space he was already in.   Three minutes passed, there was no conversation. I scanned through text messages, and made some snapchats trying out the new filters.  Until Thomas parked at a building that read 'BUILDING B'.    "Thanks", I mumbled.   "Pick you up after First Period?", he asked.   

"It was a one time thing, I can walk now", I said shaking my map in his face as I got out the car.    I walked into my Algebra 2 Classroom which was the first room you see as soon as you arrive.   

I opened the door and heads turned, a middle aged , dark skinned, bald man with circular glasses that fell onto his nose stopped his lesson and looked up at me.   

I was now the focus of the classroom. No one looked at the board anymore, no one wrote anything down, no one did anything but stare at me.    "May I help you?", he questioned.    "This is my umm first period", I looked around the room.   "And you decided to come 20 minutes until the second when my class is an hour?", He asked pushing his glasses up off of his nose.    "I got lost", I simply said shutting the door.    "You don't know how to read a map, have a seat next to Miss Reagan", he instructs me.  

MELISSA?! The shedevil and I meet again?    I walked down the 3 rows of chairs to get to my chair. I sat to the right of Melissa and to the right of a dirty blonde haired boy with green eyes.    "My lesson continues", he said going back to the board.    "Excuse me Mr.Grendal", Melissa said raising her hand acting all perky and popular girl like.    "Yes Melissa", he said pausing his lesson again.    "May I please have permission to spray my perfume, looks like Mackenzie here had to much for breakfast and it all couldn't wash down, in other words  her gas reaks", She said covering her nose.  

My head froze in the moment..did she just accuse me of something as petty as that?!    "Melissa, wrong cure! See the disease is your need a mint or simply some gum for that one", I said smiling sarcastically.    "Girls, stop", he said shaking hiid head.    "It's a shame it had to get to this", he added on.    The class went by, Melissa and I said nothing to each other we both faced opposite sides.   

-3 Hours Later-  


The school bell rang and immediately the hallways were filled with people rushing to leave and others catching up with there 'clique'.There was still no site of Chasity so I decided to go to the place where she probably spent most of her life.   I waited for the Chemistry classroom to clear up before even attempting to join in with the crowd and getting knocked over. "Smart decision", Said Dr.Hazzel our Chemistry teacher. She was pretty nice, she had pretty chocolate glowing skin, wore lab coats to work, and had her natural thick black hair pulled up into a high puffball ponytail."Thanks", I smile, which is followed by her chuckling and pouring a blue bubbly substance into a beaker.   

I walked out of the classroom once the hallways died down,  the first place I was going to check was the fountain. It seemed like Chasity's getaway place.   I walked outside following the huge group of students who were talking, laughing, taking pictures, and some already gossiping. I scanned the lot looking for the fountain then once I saw it filled with students who were looking into space none of which were talking to each other, I started walking towards it.   

"MACKENZIE!", I heard a British accent call out to me.    Thomas again?! Ugh! "Yes?", I looked behind me.   "Need a ride", he asked "going up to the Burger Shack"he added on.    "Ugh, you know what sure, but on the way stop by the fountain I need to go get a friend so she's coming with us", I said inviting Chasity.   "Good, there's some people I  would like you to meet", he said panting out of breath.   

"Wow, more friends", I said sarcastically following him,    



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