Mackenzie Carter is an average 15 year old girl who's life gets turned around after she finds out that she has to move to Florida with her grandmother and leave her dancing legacy of captain for 2 years straight behind. Her family reassures her that she could always continue the legacy at her new school but when she meets head to head with the schools dance captain things start to change and get heated. |I DO NOT OWN ANY IMAGES|


6. Chapter 4

The whole walk to the school was silent. I was limping holding on to the two girls allowed me to use them as crutches and the random boy who I held onto was holding my "penny board" while Mackenzie held onto him looking back at me constantly. 

I just decided to look to kill time and count my bruises that were all covered up with my jeans, "No rips", I mumbled to myself. We walked for about 3 more minutes until I arrived at a tall building that was made out of red bricks. The concrete was replaced with a brown stone pattern and a huge waterfall was right in the middle of the campus that had the most beautiful crystal blue water that was filled with pennies, and nickels.

I read the huge blue letters that said "WELCOME TO TAILWATER HIGHSCHOOL" across the front of the building. Wow! "I'm Chasity, we have to go to the information desk in order to find out our schedules", one of the girls who was helping me out said. "Nice to meet you, by the have really pretty hair!", I said complimenting her vibrant red hair that was pulled up into a bun which brought out  her freckles and green eyes. 

"I can show you the front desk if you want", Chasity said throwing a penny into the fountain. "Why did you throw the penny in there and you never wished for something?", I said curiously. "I did..unfortunately my wish didn't come true though", she said looking down. "What did you wish for?", I asked walking with her trying to stay with her and not get lost. "I wished that you didn't ask why I just threw a penny in there", she said laughing. 

"I hate you already", I said laughing,  "No seriously, I throw a penny in there every day because I hope one day I could open up my dance studio with that money", she said surprising me. 


"You dance?!", I'm not astonished that I found someone who I can relate to and possibly chill with. I just hope she isn't one of Melissa's popular girl fanbase followers. 

"Who doesn't?", she asked. "We should probably go to the Information Desk before it gets crowded. We can catch up on a lot during lunch it is normally when the teachers decide to go out to eat so we  always have an extended lunch period", she added on as we arrived at the Information Desk.

"Full name please", A mean woman with light brown hair that stopped and curled at her neck with the big eyes said. 

"Umm Mackenzie Carter", I stuttered. She punched the keys like 10 times and got 2 sheets of paper from the printer. One was a map, she took a pink highlighter and circled my location which was her desk. The other one was my schedule.

"Thank you", I said without any response in return.


A/N: THAT LADY IS SO RUDE! you guys trust Chasity? Are all the staff that mean? I promise the next chapter will be much better I'm just really lazy right now.


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