Mackenzie Carter is an average 15 year old girl who's life gets turned around after she finds out that she has to move to Florida with her grandmother and leave her dancing legacy of captain for 2 years straight behind. Her family reassures her that she could always continue the legacy at her new school but when she meets head to head with the schools dance captain things start to change and get heated. |I DO NOT OWN ANY IMAGES|


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Mack we're back!", Cameron yells as he enters the front door.

I pause the movie I'm currently watching which is 'Mean Girls' and go greet them.

"Hi Grandma", I say walking up to the couch where she was sitting down.

"Your blocking my view!!", she says moving the remote around in the air.

I laugh and walk over to Cameron stealing two dollars that were poking out of his pocket.

"Give it back..", he whines. "Make me some icecream..", I bribe him smirking.

"Oh yeah did you like the french toast?", he asked.

"Yeah it was..interesting", I say biting my bottom lip.

"Oh yeah sweetie, the school called they are supposed to be having the captains scout around and they are hosting tryouts at the houses...did the dance captain bother to stop by?", grandma asked.

"Oh..umm, yeah we met", I managed to get through gritted teeth.

Gosh!! That was a once and a life time opportunity and what do I do?? Mess it up for my that I'm in highschool colleges are actually going to be looking at my records!!

"I'm going to go watch my movie", I say leaving the living room.

I walk into my bedroom which is just across the hall of our small one story house and throw myself under my pillows.

"UGH", I yell muffled through my pillows.

I hear my phone ring to an Unkown Caller ID...ugh I really don't have time for Melissa right now..


My iphone continues to buzz on my nightstand. I slide it off the table and pick up.

"Hello?", I answer sounding a bit annoyed.

"Umm..hi is this Mackenzie Carter??", a mid toned females voice doesn't sound like Melissa so I get a bit more curious.

"Yes...who is this??", I ask.

"Hi I'm Harper Moore...former dance captain when the school was an academy Melissa and I were head rivals in elementary and middle school.

"Oh..", I say a bit sarcastically.

"Well I was just saying that you should totally open up a new dance team!! You could totally win my vote, also you could get Melissa to quit as captain!", she said sounding so girly.

"Hmmm...your right!! I'll see what I can do Harper", I said. Melissa can't beat me now☺️.

•Melissa's POV•

!YourBestieIsTextingPleaseRespon! My phone buzzed

Bestfriend❤️👭-I spoke to Mackenzie, she's going to open up her own dance team at the school

Melissa- Great, thanks Harp, She thinks she can beat me...2 can play at this game..btw I went over to her house today..its totally antique



A/N: Danggg Harper!! 🙈 how are you guys liking this book so far??

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