Mackenzie Carter is an average 15 year old girl who's life gets turned around after she finds out that she has to move to Florida with her grandmother and leave her dancing legacy of captain for 2 years straight behind. Her family reassures her that she could always continue the legacy at her new school but when she meets head to head with the schools dance captain things start to change and get heated. |I DO NOT OWN ANY IMAGES|


2. Chapter 1

•Saturday Morning•

~Mackenzies POV•

Its like no other Saturday morning I wake up, forget to make my bed then do my hygiene and throw something on.

Today I'm wearing my distressed high wasted shorts with my chanel shirt and my converse. For my hair I just did a side braid and for makeup I just do a tinted pink lip.

I grab my laptop from underneath my bed and facetime Brooklyn.

"HAI KENZIE!", Brooklyn says super excited.

"Oh my gosh Brooklyn you are such a morning person", I say responding.

"Goodmorning to you too..ok, ok which phone case matches my outfit..this one? Or this oneee??", Brooklyn says modeling her phone case in the camera as she shows me her outfit. "Uhmm...the pink and gold one witht the liquid looking stars", I say grabbing my phone and checking my messages.

I got two texts from my brother :

🙈💙Cam Cam: Breakfast on the table

🙈💙Cam Cam: Taking Grams to the doctor

I reply to both of them with 'K thanks' and go on social media to see whats happening.

"Sooo...are you trying out for captain this year?!", Brooklyn asked me putting her pink lipstick on.

"I try out every year Brooke..but I'm not sure if I'll win this year... I've heard that their captain has had that spot for 8 years straight..there's no way I'm going to become captain", I say playing with my braids.

"Yes..yes you are! With this outfit", she says holding up a two piece outfit bedazzeled in diamonds.

"Ok Brooke...I'm not going to go into captain try outs looking like a bedazzeled light bulb", I say covering my eyes ",I'll blind them before they even get to vote", I add in.

"Thanks I know you love it!", Brooke says sarcastically throwing the outfit on her bed.

"I'm going to get breakfast..Call you later", I said hanging up.


"Coming!", I yell running from my room.

I open the door to a girl about 5'5 with light tanned skin and curly blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, pearly white teeth, rosey lipstick and a monkey emoji tshirt with highwasted jeans and white converse.

"Hi, are you umm..Mackenzie Carter?", she asks looking down at a clipboard.

"Yes..who are you?", I asked a bit confused.

"Sorry, I'm Melissa Reagan, dance captain of Tailwater Highschool", she says cheerfully.

"What are you home of the fins?", I ask laughing to my self.

"Sealions ...", she responds bluntly giving me a mean look.

"Well, you enrolled at the school last monyh and since I'm captain and I saw that you were a dancer in your old state I can see if you have what it takes to be a dancer here in my state", she says walking into my house.

"Umm..ok no one said this was your state and aren't you supposed to be casting tryouts at the school??", I asked closing my house door.

"Ok listen here...I've seen your records 'dance captain each year' well your in Florida now and guess AREN'T going to take my spot!", She says taking the french toast that Cameron made for my breakfast and walking out. "Toodles..", she says.

I scoff and throw the plate in the dishwasher making it chip a little.

"What a welcome into Florida"

A/N: How are you guys liking the book so far??? Its going to be alot of drama in this one so yeah 😂..but that was my second chapter . Love you guys 🙈❤️ feel free to leave comments, imput, character suggestions and constructive criticism.

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