safe and sound

when Nate Manner and Sunni Meyers are paired together for a school project, Sunni is expecting the worst. but what happens when Sunni finds love? will Nate try to pull her closer? or push her away? he may even have to save her....and when he does...who will save him? and where will this take them?


1. chapter one

A/N: before you start reading you have to understand how it's laid out. chapters 1-10 are all flashbacks that the main character, Sunni, is telling before she shows you how everything is after high school for her and Nate. if you have any questions at ALL, feel free to message me on wattpad or my social media is gonna be listed like now:

Instagram: kinzieparker13

Twitter: kinzieparker24

okay thank you, ENJOY!!!!!❤️


nothing ever goes right for me anymore. whether that be boys or school. family or friends. sometimes my food is even jacked up. in fact, I'm starting to come to the conclusion that maybe it's just me. my life. or my name. my family name? My name is Sunni Meyers. but who for 1 names their kid Sunni and who for 2 spells it "Sunni" instead of "Sunny".

I'll probably never understand what goes through my parents' mind and I'm starting to see that maybe it's best that I don't anyways. because they're either scared out of their minds, or really confused.

but let me start from the beginning...

it all started on my first day of senior year. My best friend Sadi and I had been making straight A's since we met in 4th grade. we were the perfect kids. literally perfect. and we intended to continue on and finish high school strong. until now.

I walked to my locker and opened it with three easy turns, put my books in and closed it to see Sadi standing right behind the once open door.

"happy first day of the last year of high school." she flashed her bright white teeth and continued, "which means no more Hannah and Lily. no more Nate and Brady."

I raised my hands jokingly as l said "praise the Lord"

we giggled and continued to walk down the hall when the bell rang. I went straight to Geography because it was my first class and I needed to give my teacher a good impression of myself.

we walked in to see a sign that says "we will assign seats, stand at the front of the room" I stood and waited for the teacher to start assigning our seats.

after a while, Mr. Crane started to tell us where to sit.

"Nate Manner." he said into the air, because no one answered. "not here on the first day, I see?"

I rolled my eyes at Nate's childish ways and sat down in the seat that sits right in front of his.

the announcements started to blare a loud voice: "hey what's up guys it's ya boy Nate. who's ready for senior year?!" I caught glimpses of the floor and the ceiling over and over again as my eyes rolled across the floor from falling out of my head. he's so immature.

his voice became quieter and the front desk lady sent him away and he came running into the room and sitting in front of me. his cologne taunting my nose....and gag reflexes. now you think...whys he so bad?

well this isn't the best attention grabber...but you just wait until you hear what Nate Joel Manner did to me.


A/N: so basically this one sucks but it's gonna get so good frfr:) enjoy❤️

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