Exclusive || Jeon Jungkook

-"Baby, I'm only exclusive for you."


1. Prolouge

He trapped me with his arms in the corner of the room.

I kept looking down, avoiding his intense stare.

"How could you not be flustered?" He asked.

I was flustered.

I just didn't show it.

"Look at me." He told me, almost as if he was begging.

I ignored him.

"Fine, you wanna play hard to get?"

I did my best to ignore him as he began to touch my body in the most seductive way.

I've never seen him so desperate just to get my attention.

His hands went under my blouse, touching my stomach.

I bit my lip, trying not to shiver from his touch.

"C'mon babe.." 

"I'm only exclusive for you,"

"But you choose to ignore me?"



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