Hostage ⇻ Harry Styles au

{BOOK ONE} When two feuding half-brothers - a 19 year old local baker and a 23 year old car mechanic - are taken hostage during a robbery, they must push their differences aside and work together in order to get themselves and the rest of the other hostages out before it's too late. - Main Characters: • Harry Styles played by himself • Eric King played by Josh Duhamel - Copyright © by ImaginaryHarry, 2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED {NOTE: THIS BOOK WILL ONLY BE WRITTEN IN THIRD PERSON!}


1. Prologue


"Taylor! Boys! Let's go, we don't want to be late!" Matthew called out to his family from downstairs as he continues to fix his tie under his vest. Since his boss has scheduled a dinner with him and his family, he hoped that looking sharp would make him seem more presentable, and maybe even help him get a promotion for all his hard work in the shop.

Even though Matthew works as a car mechanic, he still hopes that maybe receiving a promotion from his boss will give him the honor of managing his very own shop. With his oldest son already growing up so fast, he wanted to be able to pass down the business to him once he gets older, sort like a family tradition.

That is, if the dinner does turns out great tonight..

"Daddy?" Matthew turned to look at his side when he heard his name being called to him and saw it was his four year old son, Jason. With his dirty blonde hair swept to the side, he wore a nice, button-up shirt and khakis pants to go with it. He smiled at his father and asked him, "Mommy said we're going to a fancy dinner. Why?"

Matthew smiled at his son before lowering himself down to his level and answering him, "Well, kiddo, it's because your daddy's boss wants to have dinner with us, and if it goes great, daddy might be rewarded."

Jason cooed, "Daddy will be rewarded? With what? Candy?!" Matthew couldn't help but chuckle his son's comment, who was staring at his father with his innocent, hazel nut eyes. He knew Jason was too young to understand things like this, but for the sake of his son, he would always go along with it, so he wouldn't be upset.

"Yeah, he's gonna give me candy, and lots of it," Matthew answers him as he opens his arms out wide, signaling how much he'll be getting from his boss.

Jason awed in excitement before slightly tugging on his father's arm and frantically asking, "Daddy! Daddy! Can I have some?? Please?!" Matthew gently grabbed his son's hand and held it in his own.

"Of course, Jase," Mathew accepts, "But only if you behave, alright? That means no crying, no screaming, no messing around, and no arguing with your older brother, okay? Can you do that for me, bud? If you do, I'll give you a lot of candy. I promise."

Jason immediately nodded his head in acceptance, and Matthew smiled warmly in return before pulling his son into a hug and kissing him on his forehead. "Alright, wait for us in the living room, I'm gonna go get mommy and Riley, and then we'll leave, okay?"

Again, Jason nodded his head at his father before pulling away from his hug and walking towards the living room like he was told.

Matthew turned on his heels and started walking up the stairs towards his oldest son, Riley's room. When he approached his door, he creaked it open to see his six year old son was getting himself ready as well. His brown, skater hair was pushed to the side, and his shirt was tucked into his black pants. Riley never enjoyed wearing fancy clothes - just like his father - even if his mother was constantly forcing himself to.

Leaning on his son's doorframe, Matthew stuffed his hands into his pockets and finally spoke up, "I see your mother got you into that monkey suit after all." Riley jolted up, not even realizing someone walked into his room, and quickly calmed himself down when he realized who it was.

Riley smacked his lips together before saying, "Yeah, well, it looks like I'm not the only one who doesn't enjoy this." Matthew couldn't help but slightly chuckle, knowing that what his son had said was true. He wasn't quite enjoying this himself, but for now, he had a reason to.

"You're right, I don't. I'm a mechanic, I enjoy getting my clothes dirty, not having to wear," Matthew paused and pointed down at his outfit before continuing, "This. But tonight, I'm gonna have to, and so do you."

Riley sighed, "Alright, alright.. I'm only doing this, so you can get a promotion. After dinner tonight, no more, alright?"

Matthew rose his hands up in surrender and agreed with his son, "Believe me, I'm way ahead of you. I don't think I can deal with another tie again, but don't tell your mother." Riley nodded, and Matthew lowered his arms. "Come on, let's head out before it gets too late," Matthew says, and he patted his son's shoulder on his way out the door.

After watching his oldest son walk down the stairs, he was about to head towards his own room to get his wife but was stopped when he already saw her approach him. He smiled at her, cheekily, "Hey, babe. Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, I am, sweetheart," Taylor answers him before asking, "How do I look?" She wore a beautiful, black dressed that tighten on her hips and was strapless, so you can barely see her cleavage. Her dirty blonde hair was also curled to the side, and she wore bold make up, making her blue eyes pop out more. Overall, she was absolutely beautiful and stunning in her husband's eyes.

"You look," he paused for a mere second, admiring the beauty in front of him, "Wow... Absolutely stunning." Taylor couldn't help but blush before leaning in and pressing her soft lips against her husband's. He wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned her back against the wall.

Before they could go any farther, Taylor eventually pulled away from their kiss and said cheekily, "As much as I'm enjoying this, we need to get going. Plus, we need to stop by the bank and grab some extra cash, we're already running low from our last visit to my parents'."

Matthew nodded his head, "Yeah, I guess you're right, I'll borrow some money from my dad's account," and gently pressed his lips against hers again before mumbling under his breath, "Let's get going before the boss decides to cancel." Taylor nodded before squeezing her way out of her husband's grip and walking down the stairs.

Matthew bit the bottom of his lip, chuckling softly to himself before walking down the stairs himself and following his family out the door.


"Here you go, ma'am, thank you for coming in," Harry smiled sincerely as he gave the elderly woman her bag. She smiled back in return before taking her order from his hands and walking out of the shop. After watching their last customer walk out the door, Harry eventually sighed in relief, glad to finally be done with his shift.

As much as Harry loves working at the bakery, he still couldn't wait to get home after work every day and be in the arms of his lovely girlfriend, Emily, who happens to be pregnant with his first child, Alexis. She's already on her second trimester, and all Harry can think about is finally being a father to a beautiful baby girl.

All Harry ever wants is to hold her, love her, and cherish her everyday...

When Harry's father passed away three years ago, he was completely devastated. Even though he was hardly ever around, they were still close, and his father loved him more than anything in the world. Eventually when him and his mother found out that he passed away from some sort of illness, it broke Harry's heart. He felt as though the world was taking away a good man.

Because of what happened on that day, Harry started pushing everyone away; his friends and his family. No one knew why, because they didn't understand. Harry would always look up to his father, even though he was a very groomed and mysterious old man. He was even able to keep his old things for memories, but that only caused him to miss him more.

Eventually, one day, his closest friends and family were sick of him constantly bringing himself down everyday and tried to get him some help, but instead, he chose to run away from them all instead. He moved back to England and stayed with his old friends until finally, he met her; Emily.

He didn't want to develop any feelings for her, because of his recent loss, but he did, and now, they've been dating for three years. Emily was able to snap Harry back into reality, and even got him to come back to America with her. Obviously, Harry was glad to have met this young brunette or else he wouldn't have been happy again...

"Hey, Styles!" Harry snapped out of his thoughts when he heard his name being called by his boss, "Your shift is over, what are you still doing here?"

"Sorry, Brenda," he apologizes, "I was just thinking, and I'm pretty nervous about tonight..."

Brenda crossed her arms against her chest and asked, "Are you still gonna propose to her?" Harry smiled and nodded at her for his answer. Since he's been with her for so long, he knew now was finally the time to call Emily his wife, and make it official.

Unfortunately, Harry has been low on money in order to keep the rent up at their apartment, so he has no choice but to borrow some cash from his late father's account from the bank. As much as he hates thinking about it, all he wants is to make Emily happy by giving her something nice and slightly expensive to show her how much he loves her and wants her in his life forever.

"I guess I better get going, boss," Harry says, finally breaking the silence between them, "Emily gets back from her friend's house tonight around 9:00, so I don't want to be late.."

"Alright, just make sure you do something romantic for her, and good luck, Styles," Brenda advises as Harry gave her a quick nod before heading out the door.

What Harry and Matthew both didn't know was that today, everything was going to change for them...

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