Hostage ⇻ Harry Styles au

{BOOK ONE} When two feuding half-brothers - a 19 year old local baker and a 23 year old car mechanic - are taken hostage during a robbery, they must push their differences aside and work together in order to get themselves and the rest of the other hostages out before it's too late. - Main Characters: • Harry Styles played by himself • Eric King played by Josh Duhamel - Copyright © by ImaginaryHarry, 2016 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED {NOTE: THIS BOOK WILL ONLY BE WRITTEN IN THIRD PERSON!}


2. Chapter 1

Chapter One - Brother Reunion

"I'll be right back, I'm gonna grab some money and then we'll leave," Matthew said to Taylor before giving her a quick kiss on the lips and then continued, "Stay in here with the boys, I won't take that long." His wife nodded, and he unbuckled his seatbelt before stepping out of the truck and shutting the door behind him.

While Matthew had his hands stuffed into his pockets and made his way towards the building, Harry had just pulled into the parking lot and parked his car not too far from Matthew's truck. He didn't notice that his half-brother wasn't that far from him, because he was too busy digging through his glove department, trying to find something.

When Harry was able to find what he was looking for, he held it up in front of him; it was a picture of him and Emily with her small baby bump, it was taken two weeks ago. Ever since they took this picture together, he would always keep it close to him whenever she went out of town with her friends.

Harry slipped the picture into his back pocket before getting out of his car and closing the door behind him. Running his fingers through his slick, curly hair, he pressed himself close to his coat and started walking towards the building as well.

Meanwhile, Matthew was able to get through security in the lobby and made his way towards the front counter. When the receptionist was able to get a glimpse of the man approaching her, she smiled at him politely and asked, "Hello, sir, what can I help you with?"

Matthew returned the smile and answered, "Hi, I'm here to withdraw some money from my father's account, his name is Desmond Styles." The woman nodded her head and started typing on her computer.

After a few seconds of searching, the name Desmond Styles finally popped up on her computer screen. The woman turned to look back at him and said, "Ah, yes! Here it is! I have a name under his file for relatives; do you happen to be his son, Harry Styles?" The moment she said his name, Matthew immediately froze.

Harry Styles, he thought he would never have to hear that name ever again.

19 years ago, Matthew was only four years old when he heard the news that his father - Desmond - was recently caught sleeping with another woman while he was engaged.

At first, he thought it was nothing, only because he was too young to fully understand the situation, but for his mother, it was a big deal, because she soon found out that Desmond had gotten the other woman, Anne, pregnant.

And that's when Harry was born. At first, Matthew's mother wasn't sure if she should allow her son to be near Desmond's new son, but since the two boys were practically half- brothers, they knew that it was best for the both of them since they were going to find out eventually. And besides, Matthew always wanted a little brother, and now he has one.

As the years went by, Matthew and Harry started growing up more together; being there for each other and always spending time together as much as they could. Because he's the older brother, Matthew would always be protective over Harry, especially when it comes to other people messing with him.

Since then, they've been closer than ever until their father passed away from an illness almost two years ago, and because of that, Harry started avoiding Matthew everyday after his funeral.

The last time him and his brother ever spoke to each other, was when they got into a heated argument and fists were being thrown at each other. Ever since then, Harry made the decision to walk out on him and his mother, and he never looked back, ever...

"Sir?" Matthew snapped out of his thoughts when he noticed the woman staring at him with concern. "Are you alright? You didn't answer my question; are you Harry Edwards Styles, Desmond's son?"

Matthew parted his lips, ready to answer her question, when suddenly a familiar husky voice had interrupted him instead and spoke up behind him, "Actually, he's not, I am.." Matthew slowly turned around and couldn't believe his own eyes, his own half-brother was standing not too far from him.

Harry, who had just answered the woman's question, could not believe his own eyes either. The one person he looked up to more than his own father, was standing a few feet from him. At first, he thought this was a dream, but in reality, he knew seeing him now was only a nightmare. An awful nightmare that brought flashbacks to when they fought that day.

Of course, Harry was angry to see him again, but Matthew was beyond furious..

Matthew quickly turned towards the woman, who was utterly confused at the situation, and said to her, "I'm sorry, we need to talk real quick. Where's the men's room?" She pointed her finger towards the direction, and he kindly thanked her before forcefully grabbing Harry's arm and dragging him towards the restroom.


"What the hell are you doing here?!" Matthew asks Harry aggressively after shoving him against one of the stall doors.

Harry shoved his brother away from him, and with an annoyed look, he eventually answered him, "I should be asking you the same thing. Why are you here going through my father's account for?" Telling by the tone in his voice, Harry didn't appreciate Matthew taking money from his own dead father's bank account when he knew it only belonged to him.

"Excuse me? Your father? Let's get something straight here, just because you have his last name, doesn't mean you had him first. He was mine way before he even met your mother and even had you, so don't play that bullshit with me," Matthew says to him as he crosses his arms against his chest.

He didn't know why Harry was giving him an attitude for, but it was starting to get on his nerves.

"But he was there for me way more then we was for you," Harry says, getting irritated, "You're just angry, because he actually loved me, not you. Maybe if you were around him more, then maybe he could've actually been more proud of you." By this time, Matthew couldn't take it anymore and shoved Harry hard against the stall door.

"You really think I'm angry because of that? You really think I care that my own father didn't love me?! No, I dont. The only reason why I'm mad, is because my own brother walked out on me when all I ever did was care for him and protected him, but you never cared, did you?!" Matthew growled at him before he started punching him in the face.

Harry was able to block Matthew, striking right him in the jaw, and pushed him away from him. "You think I asked for you to babysit me?? No, I didn't! I never asked you to care for me or protect me from anyone! And I certainly did not ask you to be my bro-"

Harry was about to take another blow to Matthew's jaw when suddenly the two brothers heard a couple gunshots go off outside the bathroom, and with his brotherly instinct, Matthew grabbed Harry and threw him down to the ground with him, afraid they were going to get hit.

"What the hell was that??" Matthew asks as he turns to Harry, who was obviously concerned as well on what was going on outside..

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