The Dreams (The Hunter book 2)

The very well know vampire queen Gabby, continues her story. In this book she has to fully accept who she is in order to get the answer to the question only another queen can answer. She is plagued with strange visions telling her where to go and what to do. If she goes then she gets an answer to a question, but if she doesn't her questions become more in size and number. She has to find herself in the world and change the vampire kind to make them understand that she does what she does for good, not bad. She tries to help this race of people who have not been led for good. She has to help them survive.


7. Time To Tell

     Sindy and I have been becoming best friends. We know a lot about each other. And she has finally been able to accept that we are not the average people. So I sat everyone down and talked to them all. They all knew that this would come. After a month of spending time with the human we have all gotten used to her being around.

     "I think that it is time to tell her." I said straight out. I knew that not everyone thought that, but it was my call to make. I loved having her around, and William loved having her around. They fit well together.

     "Okay. So when are you going to tell her? And who is going to turn her if she agrees?" Eric asked. I was thinking William would turn her because he just seemed the clear choice. She did have a fun time with him. So why not have him turn her? They both seemed to like each other a lot.

     "Well I will tell her as soon as she wakes up. And I was thinking William will turn her. She and him have spent some time together. But I will be the one to tell her. And I think William has found himself a mate in this process of a friend for myself. He seems the right choice to turn her." I pointed out. I shot a glance to William and saw him moving uncomfortable. I wanted to feel sorry for making him feel that way, but it had to be said or he would be too embarrassed if he had to tell everyone about it.

     "Okay." Was all he said. I smiled at him sweetly. I wanted everyone here to find their mate.

     "Okay then I guess now we wait for her to wake up." I said and everyone left the room. A few hours later I saw her walk into the room. I sat on the couch and waited for her. I knew that she felt like something big was about to be told to her. I couldn't blame her for feeling nervous when everything in the house told her something was going to be happening today.



     "Come sit down Sindy. I have something that I must tell you. But I need you to answer this question first. Do you love William?" I asked her. She sat down on the couch opposite me and looked me over.

     "Yes. I do love him. I don't know why. I only met him a month ago. I shouldn't love him already. Why did you ask?" She asked me. She glanced nervously to the door and back at me. Her mind was screaming that she jump off the couch and run to the door. But another part of her mind told her that nothing was going to happen, she knew me and knew that I would keep her safe if I had to.

     "Please don't ran away. I would never forgive myself if you did. And I just like to know who is going to be with who. You and William seem to make a perfect pair. But you never know. I must tell you something that might freak you out." I said giving her a look that told her I didn't want to start off this way. I wrinkled my nose and took a deep breath. Not like it did much on keeping me from showing that I was scared that she was going to go away and I would have to do something rash. I couldn't do that to William, but I do what I have to do.

     "Okay. Go on." She said after a hesitation. She looked scared and everything about the way she moved was scared.

     "The reason you are still here is because I like you as a friend. And I want you to be my friend." I told her softly. I can't scare her away if I start like that, can I? She relaxed slightly but she was still uncomfortably.

     "Taurus, will you come down here? I need your help with something." I yelled for him. And he came. Not as fast as he could. I think he knew what I was going to ask him. He did wait for me to tell him what I wanted him to do.

     "Will you calm her? She is too scared for me to continue this. With her being scared the only think that I want to do is jump up and hurt her." I said to him he nodded his head and went to her side. She instantly relaxed all the way when Taurus put his hand on her shoulder in what looked to be a friendly matter.

     "We are vampires." I said bluntly. If I am not blunt, who will be? Her eyes widened and she was screaming before I knew it. Everyone in the house came rushing downstairs at human paces.

     "Shut it and let me finish!" I yelled and she was quite. I took one deep breath, closed my eyes, and told myself to calm down. I let the breath out and opened my eyes again.

     "I am sorry for yelling, but that was the only way for me to finish. We are vampires or Immortals. Do you need proof of this?" I asked and she nodded her head.

     "Ambrose will you go get a blood bag please?" I asked and he did.

     "Give it to William. And William feed from it. Show her your teeth." I told William when the blood bag came downstairs. William was reluctant, but did it. And her eyes got round when he showed her his teeth. She reached her hand up and put her fingers to his fangs. He allowed her to. I could see that she didn't like knowing that she was in love with a vampire but she had to know.

     "Are you okay with knowing this?" I asked her and she turned sharply my way.

     "Am I okay? You just said you all are vampires! You are telling the truth. And I understand why I was made a room. And why you kept me here. But why me?" She asked. You could hear it in her voice that she wanted to cry and say that it was dream. But she knew better. She was trusting her eyes were awaking and she was not asleep.

     "Because I liked you from the moment you sat next to me. And I knew that you and William would love each other. So that is why I chose you. I though that you were nice and just the friend that I would need. But being my friend means that I had to make you trust my before I told you about us." I said with my head turned down. I turned my head up at the sound of feet running to me. And I saw her jump up and hug me.

     "Not the thing I was expecting. I was expecting more like you running away from us but okay. I will take what I can get." I said and hugged her back. She released me and went to William.

     "Thank you. I know what this means for me." She said and went with William up to his room.

     "Well then. Not what I was expecting. I was expecting more running away from here. But okay. Ambrose we need to make a trip down to the blood bank. William is talking with her and she is agreeing to be turned." I told Ambrose and we started to head out. Ambrose and I were normal people at the blood bank. We walked in got a lot of blood for the turning and the newborn. We were ready.



    "Okay time to start with the turning." I said as we went into her room. We stripped the bed of everything and put on plastic. We called her and William down, laid her on the bed, and we stood at the ready. William bit his wrist and gave it to her. She drank until William pulled away. She looked confused and not knowing what to do.

     "Okay now we wait for-" I was interrupted by her starting to shake the bed. "Hold her down and give her the blood." I ordered and helped to hold her down. She was strong. Even I, the queen, had an issue trying to hold her down. Someone poured blood down her throat and she stopped moving. It looked like she had just died. She was like that for a few days.

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