The Dreams (The Hunter book 2)

The very well know vampire queen Gabby, continues her story. In this book she has to fully accept who she is in order to get the answer to the question only another queen can answer. She is plagued with strange visions telling her where to go and what to do. If she goes then she gets an answer to a question, but if she doesn't her questions become more in size and number. She has to find herself in the world and change the vampire kind to make them understand that she does what she does for good, not bad. She tries to help this race of people who have not been led for good. She has to help them survive.


17. The wedding Dress

    "Come on! We have to go! I got you a meeting with someone who can get you ready for your wedding! We need to pick out your dress!" Sindy beamed through the door. I could tell that she was ecstatic. 

    "Hold on let me get dressed." I yelled back through the door. She had to understand that we were doing something. I threw on a black dress. I rushed through brushing my hair and hurried out the door.

    Sindy hurried me into her car. And we left in a hurry with Jasper in the car with us.


    "I really wish you didn't need come, Jasper. But I know that your opinion is just about as good as her dad's would be." Sindy said.

    "Well thanks for thinking that he is my dad. Well ,I guess, in a way he is. I mean he made me into this new life of mine and he has been more of a dad than the other one was." I said and looked back to Jasper. He looked at me shocked that I consider him to be my dad.

    "That reminds me. I need someone to walk me down the aisle. Would you do that, Jasper?" I asked smirking. I saw that he looked buoyant and flabbergasted that I asked something like that.

    "I would be glad to walk you down the aisle. Like you said I am like a father to you. Well at least more of a father than your real dad was." He said and smiled. I beamed back.

    "Thank you, dad." I said back. Jasper looked speechless by my words.

    "Okay, knock it off. We have to think here, what dress would you like? Is there a theme you want?" Sindy said, keeping her eyes on the road.

    "Nope. Just trying a bunch on and seeing the ones that you guys like." I shrugged.

    "You are not even close to ready to a dress! Not with you thinking like that!" Sindy said and shook her head. I laughed at her over reaction. We pulled into the place she was going, and got out.

    "Oh yea! We are here!" She sang. She was too joyful to have all this happening like this. I can't wait till William asks her. She deserves it.

    "Yup let's get this done and over with." Jasper said discouragingly. I hugged him, if he was going to be here I wanted him to be in the right mind to be here not this sad thing he was playing at.

    "Sound a little more enthusiastic, father." I said teasingly. I knew that he didn't like me calling him father. But he definitely acted like one.

    "Okay. But just remember I want this day perfect for you." He said and wrapped his arms around me I hugged him tighter. I wanted to cry at how much he sounded like a father. We walked in, and everything happened at once. Jasper picked a few dresses for me, Sindy did too. And they were led to go to wait and watch for me to come out in the dresses.


    The first one that I tried on was made of silk. Sindy had picked this one off the rack, thinking that I might like it. It looked like I was a Greek god. But I didn't think that I would were this one my wedding day. The sleeves went from lacy to silk. They changed right in the middle of my upper arm. When they changed they got lose and you could blow them and they would move in the air. The top half of the dress was a V-neck that didn't cut too short but to short for my liking. The bottom half of the dress was like a really long skirt, made of silk. It was all white, but the arms were very uncomfortable with the flower pattern of them. I shook my head at the same time Sindy and Jasper did the same thing.

    "I want a dress that goes into the surroundings. Like if I am in the woods, something like that." I let slip through my lips accidentally. Jasper understood the moment that it left my mouth.

    "I understand want you want, but I don't think you will find that here, my little Dryad." He said. I tilted my head to the side. I don't know what he meant by Dryad.

    "Dryad?" I asked.

    "A Dryad is a type of Nymph in mythology that lives in the forest. They get their strength from the trees. What you want is a dress that matches the house I made for you in the jungles. And for that I would have to go there, and make one for you. Or have Sindy make one for you. We are going to have to do that if you want that type of dress. Last time I checked they didn’t make wedding dresses like that." He pointed out. I nodded. I had this picture of my wedding dress in my head, now that I was here I had a picture of what I wanted this dress to look like. And it had nothing to do with where we lived now.

    "Fine. Come on. Let's get in the car. I guess we will have to go to where this other house is. Well come on! Don't just stand acting lifeless! Come on we have to get going!" Sindy said and got up to move.

    "Thank you, but I think we're going to make my dress." I said to the person that was helping me. She smiled and went away. I got into my clothes and we left.

    After we got home I spilled the news of where we were going. I had to go back to the jungle and see about this dress. Everyone started to get moving to pack up clothing. And start the move.



    A few days later we made it to the place. Well as close to the place as we could go. I felt some much better being here. It made me feel at home. I smiled at Jasper and hugged him. Than I went to Ambrose’s side and moved them to the camping place. Everything was still there  from when I had to scramble out of here. Even the blood from when my father cut Jasper to make me think that he killed him.

    “So many memories are coming back, Jasper. Do you remember them? The time when I said I would kill you if you touch my stake. And when I was heading out to the falls. And the time when you were training me. And the time I caught that deer. And than when you were leading me away to my birthday present. That was the house. Oh I missed having those memories. I never thought that I would come back here. I think before I leave again I will pack up the things I left. Clean things up a bit. I want to go back to the falls too. I missed them.” I said and smiled. I missed my time here. I was going to wash in the falls, clean up this deserted place, and grab my last stake. I am going sharpen it just like I used to with my father's old knife. I smiled at that thought.

    I made my way over to the place where I had finally learn super speed. I smiled and turned to see that Jasper was smiling at me. I smiled back and raced towards him with super speed.

    “See Jasper, I learned super speed.” I said. I made him smile and I made myself smile at playing this old memory back. Everyone laughed at how happy I seemed to be here.  I laughed and got up from the ground to help Jasper up to his feet.

    “I loved this place. I love those memories, and I love that you are happy to be  back here where we first meant.” Jasper hugged me. I headed towards the trees again, when no one followed me I turned back and told them to follow me. I was still smiling at the memories playing back through my head. I got them to the house and unlocked the door. I showed them to their rooms.

    “I love it here, Ambrose. Do you like it? Jasper made this place for me on my birthday last year. And he is right. I am a Dryad. I love being here more than that other place. That is closer to the food supply, but the scenery here is unbelievable.” I said and hugged Ambrose closer to me. Jasper is going to make my dress and needs the scenery to help make it. That is why we are here. I led Ambrose to our room and made him lay on the bed. I kissed him and ran my hands over down his chest. I made him grab at me and hold me closer. Than I broke the kiss and smiled at him.

    “You didn’t answer the question” I said. My mouth close to his. I knew he could feel my breath on his lips.

    “What was the question?” He asked huskily. I need my answer and I knew what he wanted. But I wasn’t going to give it to him.

    “What do you think of it here?” I whispered near his ear.

    “I love it. I love you.” He said and tried to kiss me again. I stiffened on him. He had never said those words before. I had never said those words before.

    “What’s wrong? You just stopped.” He said and moved me. He didn’t know. I think he practiced saying those words over and over in his head. That would explain why he thought he had said those words before.

    “You love me? You just said, You love me. You have never said those words before.” I told him and moved. I went to stand by the window and looked out.

    “We are getting married, you should know that I love you by now. If I didn't I don't think that I would have asked for your hand.” He said and came up behind me. I felt his hands at my hips and his mouth on my neck.

    “I am going to go swimming. I could show you where I went swimming when I was here.Would you like to see that? Jasper and I used to go swimming there all the time.” I said. I moved and went outside.

    “Ambrose and I are going swimming. We will be back in a little bit.” I said to tell everyone where we were going to be. I headed to the falls with Ambrose on my heel.

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