The Dreams (The Hunter book 2)

The very well know vampire queen Gabby, continues her story. In this book she has to fully accept who she is in order to get the answer to the question only another queen can answer. She is plagued with strange visions telling her where to go and what to do. If she goes then she gets an answer to a question, but if she doesn't her questions become more in size and number. She has to find herself in the world and change the vampire kind to make them understand that she does what she does for good, not bad. She tries to help this race of people who have not been led for good. She has to help them survive.


2. The Stone Rooms

     I close my eyes. I know that they are closed I feel them closed, but I can see. I am still only a newborn. I know that the others think I am their queen. I don't think I am. I hate the idea of leading them all. I am not your normal newborn. I'm faster, stronger, more evolved than the normal newborn. But this is all that I know. I know when I fall asleep because everything around me becomes more realistic, and less fuzzy.


     I am standing in a circle room. From what I can see torches mark all the exits from this room. I looked down each hall for a little bit trying to see past the darkness that crowded them. I didn't move thought. I tried to see past all the room that was between me and the walls in the halls. There were eight door ways I could have gone through. I could hardly see the walls though.

     Down one of the halls was a little girl. She looked a little like me. I saw that she was wearing a long, black dress. It looked very comfortable. She smiled at me. I didn't know why at all. She was starting at me from that spot were she was. I looked down at myself to see that I was wearing that same dress. It was silk. It flowed down my legs. It looked kind of like the one my mother had made for me when my father had died and we had all thought him dead.

     I looked around more. I was trying to ignore the girl. It was hard, but I manged to do it. The walls out here from where she was standing were all moldy and gross looking. I didn't want to touch them, but something in me told me to touch them and feel them. I didn't touch them like I wanted to. The floor was made of dark glass. I never once looked at it, but felt it with my bare feet. I had to look up through. I saw little lights that were very slowly going out. To me, they looked like dying stars. But I had a feeling that they were life slowly going out of everyone in the world.

     The ceiling was a dome of glass. Everything in here was just dark. The walls were stone bricks outlined with mold. When I looked down from the ceiling again, I saw that the girl had come closer to me. I didn't move though. She pulled out a blood red flower from behind her back. She held it out for me to take. I slowly reached my hand out to take the flower and hold it. 

     When my fingers touched the flower the whole place changed. I wasn't holding a flower, or in a stone room, or anything. I was back in my room. Laying in my bed. In my house. I had opened my eyes by then.

    It was day and I was in bed with my love, Ambrose. I shot up out of the bed. Ambrose is my love. His skill though is to see how peoples lives turn out. I found out I was a queen a few mouths ago when I saved him and everyone else from some science guys trying to find out more about them.

     "What? What is it?" Ambrose said as he came to my spot on the floor. I looked at Ambrose at once. He knew something wasn't right in that moment.

     "Paper. I need Paper. And something to draw with. I need that too." I said without stopping to think, or worry. Ambrose found some paper and a pencil and handed them to me. I set to work drawing everything that I had seen. I drew the girl first. Ambrose said something that I couldn't heard over the rush of lead on paper. I was in a hurry to get it all down. It was starting to fade from my minds eye. I had to save it on paper.

     "Okay. Now that you have that down, will you tell me what is going on?" Ambrose asked and moved me to the bed. I would have to explain this weird dream of mine. Not just to him, but to everyone in the house. When they find out they are bound to have questions for me.

     "My dream. That ... that is my dream," I said shaking and pointed to the paper. I wasn't scared of the dream at all. I was cold and shaken up by the dream. It seemed so real. Ambrose gathered the paper and led me downstairs. He got me a bag of blood, and told me to wait here for a second.

     "... downstairs ... all of you..." was what I heard from my dream fogged head. I was almost done with the bag of blood at my teeth when everyone came rushing downstairs. They all looked at me. There is Eric, Ambrose, William, Jasper, and Taurus. All are my close group of vampires. They help keep me safe, and I thank them everyday for it. Without them I would be dead by now. They teach me things that I have to know.

    "What is this about?" Eric asked. Eric was the one who taught me how to fight. Or would have if I didn't know how to fight better then he did. Ambrose pushed the picture at him and sat down next to me. He put his arm around my shoulders to pull me against him. By now everyone knew that we were together. So Ambrose had no issue showing it. Not like he had any issue showing before anyone knew.

     "The stone rooms. That was my dream. But I don't know where or what they are I don't even know who the little girl was. It could have been me when I was little of all I know," I told them. They looked at the picture and back at me. Most of them were confused, but William and Ambrose knew what they were.

    "Have you been there before? You drew them precisely," William asked. I shook my head. He looked to Ambrose as if he could have a quiet conversation.

    "Okay. We should take you to them. But I must warn you they are deathly dangerous," Ambrose told me after a little while. I had a brief thought that they might have had a private conversion. William is the mind reader of the group. He used to always get in my head before I knew how to block him.

    "No. If they can kill me I don't want to go," I said and stood up to leave the room. They all bowed as I left. I sighed as I saw that. They knew that I hated when they did that, but yet they always kept doing it.

    "What have I told you guys about bowing? I am going to need some more female friends in this house, if you guys keep that up. Actually I need some now. Sometimes we all need to be around someone in our own gender," I said turning back to face them.They are not happy with the fact that I will not accepting being a queen to them.

    "That we should not bow to you," Eric said. He was frowning that I wouldn’t accept being who I was among them. They have to understand that when I was being raised by my father, I was taught to hate them. Even want I am right now. It was drilled in my head. I threw caution to the wind with Jasper and he made me one of his kind.

    "Would you like us to go out and find you some other females?" William asked. I shook my head. I loved that they cared so much that they would do that for me.

     They were always so nice to me. But I could tell that they had a reason behind it most of the time. Or at least some of them did. I was never going to point that out thought. I wasn't going to point at them when they have all risked their lives for me. I could only be kind to them.

    "If anyone is going to find me female friends it will be me. Sorry but I don't trust you guys when it comes to friendship, because your family not friends anymore," I said and left the room. I went back upstairs. I knew that some of them followed me to get to there rooms and some didn't get up to move.

     I had to have time alone to think about what I had just told them. I called them family. I guess they have become my family. With no one in my blood line family that could see me anymore I guess they filled that hole up. I loved them all dearly. But as much as I loved them as family I wanted some friends of my own.  It didn't feel at all weird calling them family. That was want got me. I didn't know if they heard what I had said, but what I said was a truth. I have never been able to lie to them. I could never lie to someone I love some much.

    I went into my bedroom and laid down on the bed. I was tried still. So I had to fall asleep and hopefully have no dreams. Those types of dreams are weird for me. I have never had a dream that was so real before. It felt like I was actually there watching everything that happened. I noticed one thing thought. When Ambrose saw that girl that I had drawn he frowned and looked away. I think I know that he is hiding something about her from me. I hated the idea of him hiding something from me. But when he hides things from me it is usually to help and try to keep me safe from something else.

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