The Dreams (The Hunter book 2)

The very well know vampire queen Gabby, continues her story. In this book she has to fully accept who she is in order to get the answer to the question only another queen can answer. She is plagued with strange visions telling her where to go and what to do. If she goes then she gets an answer to a question, but if she doesn't her questions become more in size and number. She has to find herself in the world and change the vampire kind to make them understand that she does what she does for good, not bad. She tries to help this race of people who have not been led for good. She has to help them survive.


10. The Laws

    "Okay everyone. Have you thought up some laws that we need to follow?" I asked as I grabbed a notebook. They might not be what everyone uses now with their computers and laptops, but they are what I have a lot of. I have never been a tech person and now everything is tech. I will still stick with the basics. Most everyone here is trying to get me to be more tech then I am with writing. I will keep refusing. I like the old way of doing things. It means more work and your will always be more proud of it.

    "Yes. I have one. " Eric raised his hand slightly in the air, "You can only turn one person. That is the only one I came up with. Of course there will be a way for one of us to turn more than one person. And that would be someone giving someone else there turn, but that has to be done with a witness to over hear and see it. That person who gave up their turn would never be allowed to turn anyone though." Eric said. I nodded and wrote it all done. I looked up and around the half circle around me looking for the next person who would e telling me what they came up with.

    "I have thought of one also. Women can only conceive one child every hundred years. It will make the human population grow bigger, but keep ours at a good rate and little by little growing plus with the death rates we would be kept at a good population. But it will also allow those who want to have children a chance to have some. But with twins... well that is where I am stuck trying to figure it out. They came from one seed so they should be considered one, I think. If they do not die in there first hundred years of this life, that is." He said. I knew that was aimed at me to try to get me to tell everyone else now. I shook my head slightly, but wrote down the law. I did think that was a good law to have.

    "Another would be don't kill anyone unless you are threatened or hunted down by the Hunter or a crazy person who believes and wants us dead. If you kill too many people, or any at all actually, you will get us noticed and than we would be hunted and start to go extinct. So don't kill anyone and don't feed on anyone. We have blood banks now we don't need to feed on anyone." Taurus said. I nodded and wrote it down. Looking back up I noticed that they were watching me with a curious look in their eyes. I shrugged it off.

    "How about, never tell someone what you are unless they are trusted or you're going to turn them? It seems fair. If you are going to trust someone tell them, but if you're going to turn someone you should make sure that they are sane when they find out about us and going to agree to the turn. We shouldn’t have unwilling turns."

    "That is a great thing to have." I said and wrote it down again. Everyone started to get up and leave from there spots. I held up my hand stopping anyone from moving any further and motioned for them to sit back down from where they just were.

    "Who will enforce these laws? Will we be a council? Like the witches thing from some books that I have read. Or an Immortal Enforcement Council?" I asked curious to see what they though about the idea. Everyone was quiet for a moment, thinking about what I had just said.

    "I like the idea of the Immortal Enforcement Council. But what are we going to be doing in it?" Eric asked. If we started this council I would have to have many more people join to help out with it.

     "Well my idea for the Enforcement Council would be since fighting is your thing, Eric. You would teach others that join the council to fight and protect themselves from other immortals that break the law and we would take in the ones that break the laws, and punish them for breaking those laws. But I have no clue what the punishment would be for those who did." I said and looked around. Everyone was thinking about it. When they all nodded their heads. We talked a little more about what would be going on if we did start this council.

    We left the living room feeling pretty good that we had got a law together. It would be good to get the laws up and going. The immortals have been outlawed for a long time. We need to set up some.

    "I can call everyone Immortal in the world to me. We need to talk to them, all of them. And I need to find out more, about who would be joining this council." I said. I had demonstrated this new power when I was being taught to fight. Ambrose looked at me, he knew that I could do this but he didn't know that I could do this by will now. I had been practicing by myself for a long time. The peace gave more time to practice it.

    "Do it. You need to talk to everyone and set up the laws. So when will we be expecting a large amount of guests?" He asked me. I was deep in thought by the time he finished. I was just finishing finding every immoral on the planet.

    "Come to me. Be with me. I am your queen and I have things to learn from you. And you from me. Come to me all immortals or vampires. Come and be at my side for a few minutes. I have something important to tell you all." I said out loud. I scared Ambrose because my voice had gotten really low. The last time I did it my voice stayed the same.  I think it has something to do with how many you call to you that does that.

    "Okay, now, is the answer to that."  And he stood up to see how many people were already in the front yard.

    "Ambrose I must get dressed. I want them to see me as they imagine their queen is supposed to look like." I told Ambrose in my normal voice. I knew that this should be fun. I saw how they thought that I would look when I was in their heads finding them and tracking them down. 

    "Go tell the others I might need someone to help get rid of the ones who will not want to even think about following these rules." I told Ambrose as I headed for my clothing. Ambrose was out the door in a flash.

    I grabbed the dress that I had worn to kill my father. The dress that I wore before I killed him the last time. This is going to be interesting. I put my hair up in a way that I had seen Ambrose do it. I looked amazing. I didn't need to put anything else on.

    I walked down the stairs to the first floor and walked out the door. My group followed me out and stood in different places. I called my energy again and my deep voice came out. This voice rang low with powerful blood and leadership.

    "I know you all want to know why I called you here. I have rules for you. You must follow or you will be killed and made an example of. Follow them and we will not hurt you." I said. I explained the rules and at least one person didn't like the idea of it. I had Ambrose bring him to me.

    "So you don't like my rules?" I asked him in my normal voice. He shook his head fast, I could tell that he was trying to cover up not liking my rules. He was afraid of me. I have always held a love for those who were afraid of me. It made killing them much better then if they wanted to go willingly. into the hands of death.

    "Well then may I challenge you to a duel with me?" I asked. I was curious to see how much of his ride he was going to risk. I mean he is just risking his life being near me at the moment. I was mad and anyone looking at me could tell you that.

    "I accept that challenge." He said straightening his shoulders and looking like he was not scared out of his mind. I was in his mind I should know what he was feeling. "Where do you wish-" he fell to the floor without a heart in his chest.

    "Now and here." I said calmly wiping my bloody fingers on his corpus's shirt. I wasn't going to lick off his blood that would have been gross. The body was already going to be burned anyway; what is a little more blood? I threw his heart on his chest with nothing less of hate. I disliked him. He treated me like I didn't hold more power then him, he deserved it more then anyone in this yard with me right now.

     "Please get rid of him." I told my faithful friends. They looked at me shocked that I did that so fast and couldn't see me even when I was trying not to be too fast in ripping his heart out of his chest. I had never done that before but I felt that I could have before even when I wasn't Immortal.

    "Anyone else wish to say they don't like my rules?" I asked.  I saw everyone shaking their heads. I could feel the fear running off of them like running water in a stream.

    "Good. Now go back to where you came from unless you wish to join with my numbers and help enforce these rules that I have just placed out." I said and most of them left. A few stayed to talk to me about joining this council I had brought up. I had them give their phone numbers to me, and I would call them later. The ones that stayed asked me a few questions.

    “So what are you planning to do?” One asked me. I didn’t bother trying to learn their names. I explained what I had talked about. And the fighting skill that I would need for this. They seemed to think that I thought of everything that could have a possibility to go wrong.

    “And if you don’t know how to fight I have a person that could help you with it. And more than likely he will end up teaching you the way that I wish you to fight. I might come out and show you some fighting skills that I have and he doesn't. But if I do that don't ask what my backstory is.” I told them after I was done explaining things again.

    “I have one more question. And sorry if this seems rude at all, but I am curious. How is someone so young in control of so much power, like yourself? Who made you like this? Most people would wait until the person that they wish to turn is older.” Someone else asked. I was wondering when someone would ask this. This was a question that I had answered so many times myself when I went picking thought Jasper's mind. Not like he knew that, of course.

    “Well my maker would be Jasper. And how I am in so much power and so young? Well thank you for realizing that I am still new to this life. And I have no clue how I have all this power. I have no idea how I got it all. I never asked for this.”I said. I don’t mind talking about this. They left shortly after they asked all of their questions, and I went back inside.

     "Eric, could you go get me some blood? Doing that takes my energy away. Ambrose, my eyes feel funny." I said rubbing my eyes. Ambrose took my hands away from my eyes and looked at them. He was startled when he saw them that he had someone else come and see if it was just him.

    "Umm. Your eyes probably feel funny because they changed color. Your eyes are red now." Taurus told me with his hands on my shoulders. He made me calm down, but right now I didn’t want to be calm. I had learned how to block his power. I was scared that my eyes really did change color. I shoved his hands off my shoulders, and ran to the bathroom.

    "Oh my god! My eyes are red! No! Turn back to the color I was born with!" I yelled at the mirror hoping that my demand would have worked. It didn't. I couldn't take this. I loved the color of my eyes and now they changed. It looked like my eyes were the color of blood! I was never going to get that color back. I ran back to Ambrose and hugged him.

    "They wouldn't change back!" I cried into his shoulder.

    "I don't want this! I hate it!" I yelled. My sadness turning to anger just as fast as it turned to sadness I can't have this. I pulled away from him and turned to grab my jacket. A hand on mine stopped me from grabbing my jacket, and going to get contacts to make my eyes the way that they are supposed to be. I looked up the arm and found Ambrose looking down at me with a sorry smile on his face.

    "Don't. Your eyes are perfect just the way they are, right now. It must have been meant for them to change just at that moment. As they were before they changed colors again. They are perfect and will suit you. I believe you have just accepted the role as queen." He smiled and went on one knee. Everyone around us bent to one knee.

    "How do you know so much about being queen?! It is not like you will ever be a Queen! No! Stop it! Get up! I'm not your queen! I'm no one's queen! I am not a leader! I don't know how to!" I yelled and cried. They did get up. They listened to me.

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