The Dreams (The Hunter book 2)

The very well know vampire queen Gabby, continues her story. In this book she has to fully accept who she is in order to get the answer to the question only another queen can answer. She is plagued with strange visions telling her where to go and what to do. If she goes then she gets an answer to a question, but if she doesn't her questions become more in size and number. She has to find herself in the world and change the vampire kind to make them understand that she does what she does for good, not bad. She tries to help this race of people who have not been led for good. She has to help them survive.


4. The Forest

     I am in the dark. My eyes maybe good here, but I have to wait for them to see clearly. When I can see my surroundings I see trees all around me. I am guessing that I am in a forest. I have always felt close to the forest. The trees make me feel more at home then anywhere else in the world.

     I can't believe my mind took me here. I don't know where here would be, but it looks familiar. I kind of makes me feel like I should know where I am. I, of course, reach my hand out to touch the trees and feel more at peace with them. I might have been here with my family, or my friends might have shown this place to me. This place feels magical in itself.

     The moonlight shining through the tree tops lighting the dirt floor. I am taken back by the sight of all of it. The trees look like they are glowing in the dark. The dirt feels soft even if it isn't. I wanted to stay here forever and never go back, but I knew that I would have to go. I felt that I had to move so I did. I let my feet carry me over the soft dirt with my hands touching every tree I passed by. I heard nothing but my own breathing and footsteps. I knew that I was smiling in this place.

     I felt something that didn't feel right and then I heard more footfalls behind me. I picked up my pace and let my hands drop to my sides. The trees were flying pasted me. I hated to see them without my loving hands touching them, but what was more important is me running from whatever is coming after me.

     I had to stop sometime and when I did it was to take in my surrounding again. I knew that I had left the forest. I never liked to leave it. I was standing on sand. It wasn't as soft as the dirt was, but it was soft the same. I looked behind me and nothing. Nothing was following me, or chasing me, i didn't even see the forest anymore. I was sad that the only thing I saw was the endless beach.

     I finally had a chance to look and see what I was wearing. I had already known that I was wearing a long black flowing skirt. I had felt that while running, that and it would have been really hard for me not to know that. I had on a short sleeve black shirt on. It felt soft like silk. I felt comfortable in my own skin here although I couldn't explain why. It is not like me to feel normal anywhere but the woods or forest.

     I looked up from the ground and saw a small girl wearing the same thing I was. She was smiling and walking towards me. I was backing away from her. I saw that she was carrying something. I didn't see it thought. She got closer to me and I backed away again. I saw that her smile was fading away from my eyes. When I felt the waters edge at my feet I looked down and saw water there. I was going into the ocean. When I looked up the small girl was closer. I saw that she has holding a small dagger. She held it in both her hands like she was going to offer it to me.

     I saw that she wanted me to take it. I stopped moving and she came to me and held the dagger out to me. I took it from her and looked at it. It was beautiful. The dagger looked like someone made it for me. There were trees craved into the blade all over it. When I looked up from it again. I saw that no one was there. Everything was fading from my eyes. And slowly I knew that this was the end of this sight. I closed my eyes and let it take me back to the real world.


     My eyes opened to show the dark, white ceiling above me. I held up my know empty hands to my face. I wanted to go back. I willed it to happen, but nothing. It was over. I shot up out of bed and for the paper I had set out near my side of the bed in case I would need it. I was drawing everything. I drew the dagger, the forest and the ocean, the little girl that was there. What I myself was wearing. I heard Ambrose come to look at what I  was drawing. I felt him grow tense as he took in all the things I drew. When I slowed down to stop he grabbed  the picture to look closer.

    "Another dream?" He asked me. I nodded my head and put down the pencil that I used to draw it. He had everyone come into this room and look at the picture. No one who had come into the room had the same reactions Ambrose had.

     "Ambrose, why did you frown at the picture while I was drawing it?" I asked him. I didn't care if the whole world knew what I asked, I needed an answer to something only he knows. I wanted the truth from him right now. He shrugged.

     "We will talk about it later. I do not feeling like talking about it know." He said nervously and looked away from my eyes. He was scared of something I didn't know what. I was about to say if he was scared of something I could help if he told me what it was, but he didn't let me speak. He just shrugged it away.

    "So it is not the same place as last night?" Eric asked changing the subject. I nodded and shot Ambrose a look to finish this conversation later. I didn't want to talk right now, I wanted my answers. And I would only talk when I wanted to. I stood up to move around a bit. I didn't like the feeling of them circling me right now.

    They had a conversation I didn't hear, and all left. I was much more into looking at the picture I had drawn. Ambrose took me in his arms and lead me back to bed. He held me until he was sure that I had forgotten what I wanted to talk to him about. Then he pulled me to lay on the bed with him, cuddling me. I knew that he wasn't going to share what I wanted to talk about. I left it alone for this time.

    "I don't want to sleep." I said. He nodded and gave me a bag of blood that he had in a small cooler next to his bedside. I popped it to my teeth and drank it away. When I threw it away Ambrose knew that we had to talk about the human guests and what I planned to do with her.

    "So, Gabby, about the human guest?" He asked it was all he had to say.

    "I plan to keep her human for a while and make her friends with me and have her fall in love with William. Once that is done and I know that she willingly will not fear me we can turn her if she wants to be turned." I said. I knew that this was a bad idea from the moment I had the through, but I have to try. I need some females around to help keep me sane for all the males.

    "Okay but who do you want to turn her?" Ambrose asked. I shrugged. I don't have a clue. So I would let them decide. Ambrose and I talked until I was ready to leave the room.

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