The Dreams (The Hunter book 2)

The very well know vampire queen Gabby, continues her story. In this book she has to fully accept who she is in order to get the answer to the question only another queen can answer. She is plagued with strange visions telling her where to go and what to do. If she goes then she gets an answer to a question, but if she doesn't her questions become more in size and number. She has to find herself in the world and change the vampire kind to make them understand that she does what she does for good, not bad. She tries to help this race of people who have not been led for good. She has to help them survive.


16. The Big News

    Ambrose walked into the room after I got everyone sitting down. I stood up at these like always. Ambrose joined me at my side. Everyone was curious as to why. No one stands up here with me at these things.

    "I have something to tell you. Well two things is more like it. One, I have no more family. Seeing as how, my mother died before I was turned. I killed my father twice. And now my sister is gone as well. I will miss them all, but I did what I had to do to save our kind." I took a breath that was just about the biggest thing I had to tell them.

    "I have also decided that I would like to expand our little family. Expand with a baby. I do wish to have a child. I have already told Ambrose and he would like to have one as well. And hopefully that will happen after the wedding. So what do you think?" I asked. I was scared about what they might think.

    "That is just wonderful! I hope for the best. The best for both of you." Sindy said. She was happy about anything that seemed to happen.

    "How wonderful for the both of you! I wish you luck." Eric said. I smiled at him and went to him. I hugged everyone. They all loved that I wished to have a child.

    "Ah. So that was what the little shake of your head meant, when Ambrose brought up the one child law. He was trying to get you to tell us. Well congratulations." Taurus told me. I smiled and felt like I was about to cry. Taurus made sure that if I did spill a tear it was a happy one. I went upstairs to lay on bed and read a little. I though at least one person wouldn't like the thought of me having a child.

    Ambrose came upstairs after a little while. He laid on me. Making it impossible for me to move if I wanted to. He did make sure that I could breath.

    He bent his head close to my ear and licked the inside of my ear. The touch made me shiver. He

smiled against my ear. And kissed it.

    "Would you like to start trying  for a child now?" He whispered in my ear. His hot breath moving over my ear, making me flush hot.

    "I said not until the wedding would I like to start to try." I whispered back at him. My breath on his ear. He moved to kiss my mouth. I kissed him back. I also felt him growing harder. I pushed at him and made him move backwards. I pushed him away.

    "Not yet. At least no sex yet. We can still entertained ourselves." I said smiling and touched him. I knew that would make him wild. I kissed his mouth and made my way down.  I kissed every inch of his chest with and without his shirt. When I move past his chest I touched every inch of him through his pants. Then I slowly removed him from his pants.

     I took him in my hands and made sure that he was just hard enough. When I was sure that it was what I wanted I leaned forward, and kissed him. Then I took him in my mouth. I memorize this flesh with my tongue. I felt his hands tangle in my hair. I moaned as his fingers scraped my head. And he in turn did it more. I knew that he liked the sound. I felt him stiffen, and moved my head away. He passed out and I passed out with him.



    I woke up on my back and Ambrose was doing what I was doing to him. I moaned and held him close to me. I felt his hands move to undo my shirt. My shirt came off, and he moved his hands over my skin. I dragged his head back up to kiss mine. He allowed me to for a little while and then went back to doing what he was doing. He made his way down my body. When he reached my stomach his hands were cupping me. He moved his mouth lower and licked me. He licked inside of me and made me pass out.

    We woke up together, and just didn't do anything. He held me, and we fell asleep and not passed out. We woke up in the morning when someone was knocking on the door.

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